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    Rotary molder for soft biscuit making

    Rotary molder
    • 100-1500
      Production Capacity
    •    5+
      Years warranty
    • 3+
      Customerized design team
    • PU
      Conveyor material


    This machine is very easy to operate, to put the stirred flour dough into the machine hopper. It is formed at one time into any shape biscuit you want.
    The forming speed can be adjustable, and small in size to save space.
    Suit news who want to start biscuit production in low budget and small factory


    Electrical control, high-degree automation, simple structure, easy operation
    Digital display of dough thickness, automatically adjust the dough thickness
    T9 type scraper, sharp and durable
    Pneumatic tension, pneumatic rectifying device
    PU conveyor belt, much stronger alloy roller
    R-shapes bending to prevent working injury
    Waterproof sandblasting coating for long service life