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Planetary mixer

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    Planetary mixer has many functions, such as mixing, kneading to mix the milk, eggs and so on.

    Planetary Mixer
    • 40+
      Production Experience
    • SUS
      Material Use
    • 3 days
      Deliery Time
    • 137-475r/m
      Mixing Speed Range

    Planetary mixer has many functions, such as mixing, kneading to mix the milk, eggs and so on. The machines are complete with 3 types of agitator and have 3 grades of speed for different mixing purposes like flour mixing, stuff mixing, egg heating and etc. All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel.

    Selection of Agitator and Speed
    Dough arm:
    Suitable for heavy bread dough or other high viscosity food materials.
    – Set the machine at LOW SPEED.

    Suitable for thin bathers, cakes, mashing potatoes, and crushed, powdered, pasty food like stuffing.
    – Set the machine at MIDDLE SPEED

    Wire whip:
    Suitable for mixing liquid food, whipping cream and beating eggs.
    – Set the machine at HIGH SPEED

    1. Food grade stainless steel bowl
    2. Motor overload protection
    3. Safety bowl lock
    4. The pure copper motor with low noise
    5. Planetary motion mixing fully
    6. Multifaceted heat dissipation
    7. Adjustable speed in fast, medium and slow speed