QHBake Candy Machine

Candy Depositing Machine

QH-20s 8000-12000pcs/h Mini Candy Depositing Machine

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    Mini candy depositor for gummy candy/ jelly candy/ hard candy/ soft  candy/ lollipop candy

    Mini Candy Depositor
    • 46
      Production Experience
    • 9000
      Pcs Per Hour
    • 5
      Years Warranty
    • 2600+
      Machine Maintenance
    This mini depositor can produce all kinds of candy. Whether it’s soft candy or hard candy, lollipop,
    whatever one color or multiple colors, whatever 2D or 3D candy. All requirements can be met.
    Small size, the simple operation

    Top Sale In Market

    Gummy/Jelly candy
    Gummy bears
    Gummy bears

    Hard candy

    Gummy making machine 6
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    Toffee & caramel

    Gummy making machine 7
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