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QH-80 18000-36000pcs/h Gummy Candy Making Machine

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    Jelly/gummy candy making machine can reach to maximum 2 tons/hour and can also produce 4-color candy at the same time. The starch-free process is more hygienic and less costly than alternative processes.
    2&3D design and shapes are welcomed for different

    • 4
      Colors on one candy
    • 80-2000
      Kilos per hour
    • 5
      Years warranty
    • 2600+
      Machine maintenance care

    QH-80 Gummy production line

    Gummy candy, It also called jelly candy,soft gel gummy candy also known as soft candy, is a soft and slightly elastic gelatinous candy. The main ingredient is gelatin. Later, pectin and carrageenan were gradually developed and they were mostly translucent. This type of candy originated from the gummy bears in Germany.

    Now its not only popular in sweets and snack but also became popular in pharmacy and pet industrial,by add some new materials such as vitamin and CBD…

    Gummy machine
    Gummy machine in wholesale


    Technology :

    Capacity (Pcs/hour)30,000-36,000 pcs/h
    Depositing speed(times/min)15-30
    Machine length10m
    Air cooler5PH


    Gummy Sample

    Gummy bear

    CBD gummy making machine 6 1
    CBD THC infuse gummy making machine

    Center filling gummy

    Machine for center filling gummy making

    Multi-color gummy

    CBD gummy making machine 3
    Automatic gummy making machine price

    3D Gummy

    CBD gummy making machine 1
    Center filling gummy making machine price


    Machine Details:

    Kitchen system

    QH80 gummy making machine price 11

    Syrup cooker with strive (Emulsion shear can be optional for pectin dissolving)

    Storage tank with mixing

    VDF transfer pump with insolution pipeline

    Gummy machine 4
    Gummy depositing machine

    Insolution water-circulate pump

    QH80 gummy making machine price 6
    Gummy machine in sale

    Electric cabinet with English guide

    Lab use gummy making machine


    Depositing system with cooling

    Accurate servo depositing system

    QH80 gummy making machine price 12
    Gummy machine in sale

    PLC touch screen with program remember

    QH80 gummy making machine price 8
    Gummy machine process line

    Static color/flavor/micro mxing system

    QH80 gummy making machine price 3
    gummy production line

    Oil spraying system (Solenoid valve control)


    Plate drive system automatic (fully for single color or half mold for double color)

    gummy machine molding equipment

    Cooling tunnel with chiller

    QH80 gummy making machine price 4
    gummy making machine depositing line

    Fully demold system

    Pectin gummy machine

    PU conveyor belt

    QH80 gummy making machine price 1
    gummy machine in sale


    Gummy transfer

    Gummy production line
    Gummy machine for conveyor


    Sugar / oil coating 

    Sugar coating machine
    sugar coating machine


    Dry process

    gummy dry tray
    gummy dry tray