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Buy Dough Feeder for Hard Biscuit Cracker Biscuit Factory

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    • 1.2-1.9 Speed(m/min)
    • Adjustable Sheeting thickness
    • Adjustable cutting speed
    • Adjustable conveyor speed

    Dough feeder is used to feed the dough into the hopper and pre-roll the dough or dough sheets into suitable dough pieces, which are then conveyed to the 1/2/3 gauge rolls for further rolling, It is an indispensable machine in all kinds of hard biscuit production line.Usually the feeder will be enough for the base type of hard biscuit but if for soda cracker biscuit suggest replay to Laminator (Which we also have this machine)

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    1. Frequency control of motor speed, using displacement transducer to inspect the thickness of the dough
    2. PLC touch screen adjust the dough thickness, more accurate
    3. The diameter of the alloy roller more stronger
    4. The roller guard is installed on the upper roller to reduce the chance of cutting the dough sheets
    5. The inner white food grade nontoxic nylon gasket prevents the dough sheets from being feed
    6. Rubber roller inside protect the alloy roller effective
    7. Stainless steel
    8. Waterproof sandblasting coating for longer use-age