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Как Gummy производится на фабрике?

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Как Gummy производится на фабрике?

how is gummy manufactured in factory

You might be wondering how gummy candy is manufactured in a factory. Here are some facts: Gelatin, Starch, Machines, and Packaging. Gelatin is the main ingredient in gummy candy, and it is the most important ingredient. Starch is the second ingredient in gummy candy. Machines produce these products, but there are also many different types. You may be wondering which machine is better for your needs.


The first step in manufacturing gummies is the compounding of the slurry. The mixture is transferred through heated pipes to the depositor, which has a hopper. The depositor dispenses the exact amount of mixture into the molds. These molds are then chilled. After cooling, the gummies are released from the cooling tunnel and placed on trays to dry. The final step is the coating and quality control.

During the production process, various raw materials are analyzed to check their quality. The testing process involves evaluating various properties of the raw materials, such as their particle size, pH, and viscosity. The results are then compared to the company’s standards. This process ensures that the raw material produces good-quality candy. This step is crucial in the production of gummy bears. The end product must be safe for consumption.


The manufacturing process of gummy candies begins with the delivery of a batch of ingredients to a machine known as a mogul. The Mogul has many functions in the process, including molding the candy’s starch into molds, filtering out any starch that wasn’t used in the previous process, and separating the starch from any prior materials. The trays are sent through the mogul to a final assembly area, known as a starch buck. The finished candy pieces are then emptied into a sieve, which is a vibrating metal screen. The pieces are then finished and packaged in the specified packaging.

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The starch-free manufacturing process is the preferred technology for gummy manufacturers with functional ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts. It involves using stable molds and anti-sticking agents for the depositing process. This ensures that the product’s glossy finish is maintained during demolding. Moreover, starch-free manufacturing is hygienic. To maximize production efficiency and reduce costs, manufacturers should focus on developing processes that make use of new and improved technologies.

Starch-based process

The process of making gummy candies starts with a large batch of gummy ingredients. These ingredients are mixed with starch to form the candy. The starch holds the candy together during the drying, setting, and cooling processes. It also helps absorb moisture, giving the candy an appealing texture. Gummy candy is manufactured in trays of different shapes. These trays are then sent through a conveyor belt to the final assembly, or starch buck. The trays are then emptied into a sieve, a vibrating metal screen that filters out excess starch. Once they have been emptied, the pieces of candy move along the conveyor belt to be decorated and packaged.

Another step in the manufacturing process is moulding the starch into impressions. This process has been in use for decades, and manufacturers employ a moulding method, known as the Mogul process. These trays are loaded onto a chain conveyor, where empty trays are placed. Starch is conditioned on the trays using a plaster stamp, and the moulds are then staged and moved to a drying room. Once the moulds are ready, the candy is finished.


These machines incorporate an automatic process of feeding raw ingredients to a moulding drum. Once the mould is finished, the machine deposits the ingredients in accurate proportions. Its ergonomic design makes cleaning easy. It also saves energy. Various sizes and capacities of this machine are available. These machines incorporate a variety of features to maximize production efficiency. This article will discuss some of the most important machines in the manufacturing of gummy candy factories.

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The main components of the gummy candy manufacturing process include the starch used in the creation of the candy and the moulding process. This starch is added to the molds to make them more solid and add to the overall quality of the candy. Starch is a crucial component in this process because it prevents the candy from sticking to the moulds. It also helps to hold the candy in place during the drying process.


When it comes to gummy manufacturing, a factory has to deal with the challenges of varying consumer tastes and preferences. The quality control process begins with the evaluation of the raw materials used to make the candy. Raw materials are subjected to testing and evaluated for sensory characteristics, including their color, viscosity, pH levels, and particle size. These properties are then compared to company standards to determine whether or not the ingredients will produce good candy.

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is how to process gummies that contain essential nutrients without sacrificing flavor and texture. Traditionally, gummies have used gelatin as their base, but new plant-based substitutes are meeting consumer demands for a vegan-friendly product. With so many options for plant-based gummies, manufacturers have fine-tuned their processes and formulas to work with them. The gelling process may require adjustments to the processing times or temperatures. Sometimes, minerals or vitamins may interfere with the process, which means formulas must be changed.

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