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Hvordan fremstilles Soft Gummy på en fabrik?

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Hvordan fremstilles Soft Gummy på en fabrik?

how is soft gummy manufactured in factory

When making gummies, you may be curious as to how they are made. You may want to know what ingredients they use. Ingredients that are commonly used in gummies include sugar, gelatin, citric acid, and artificial flavourings. Hopefully this article will help you to understand how these ingredients are used to make these delicious treats. Listed below are the steps in gummy manufacturing. Read on to learn more.


How is soft gummy made in a factory? The production process of this confectionery starts by whipping air into a polymer and cooling it above its melting point. This makes the mixture solidify but retains some air. The air then helps to make gummy bears puff up. Usually, the manufacturing process involves a large amount of air to get the desired result. This is not the case for the production of sugar-free gummi.


The manufacturing process of gummy candy starts with pharmaceutical compounding, which consists of blending the right amounts of raw materials. Large mixing tanks are used to create gummies. Each batch is then tested in a quality control lab. If any ingredient is not up to snuff, the ingredients will be discarded. The final process involves a process known as de-moulding, in which the finished product is de-moulded in a machine.

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Soft gummies are made from citric acid, a component found in citrus fruits. It serves as a preservative and enhances the sour flavor of the candies. Citric acid is an important ingredient in the manufacture of gummy bears. In the manufacturing process, it is added during the cooking stage to adjust the pH level of the gummy mixture. The resulting product has a gel-like consistency when cool.

Artificial flavourings

Gummy candy has both natural and artificial flavourings. While natural flavourings are extracted from fruits, the latter are chemicals produced in a lab. Most gummy confections are composed of up to 90% sugar water and very little fruit juice, so artificial flavourings are essentially made from chemicals. Here are some examples of gummy confections and how artificial flavourings are used.

ServoForm(tm) depositing process

Baker Perkins ServoForm(tm) JELLY DEPOSITORS deliver the highest level of consistency and quality to jelly deposits. These machines can deposit solid, layered, filled, and full-form 3D confectioneries and are suitable for entry-level and experimental work. They are also equipped with hygienic features. The system is capable of producing medicated and functional products.

QC test

One of the most important aspects of manufacturing a soft gummy is its quality control (QC) process. The QC laboratory determines whether ingredients are in compliance with the standards required for their product. It checks sensory characteristics such as appearance, color, odor, and taste. QC tests also determine the viscosity of oils and pH levels of liquids. Manufacturers rely on these tests to ensure that their product meets customer requirements.

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Valg af det rigtige geleringsmiddel

The most important ingredient in any gummy is a gelling agent. Choosing the right one depends on what type of gummy you are making, the texture you are trying to achieve, and the desired shelf life. Gelatin is the primary gelling agent used in American gummies, and it can have a variety of benefits. For example, pectin makes gummies that are vegan-friendly; gelatin is often obtained as a by-product of the meat industry.

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