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Как производятся мармеладные конфеты Sours на заводе

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Как производятся мармеладные конфеты Sours на заводе

Sours gummy candy manufacturing starts with compounding, a process that takes approximately one to three hours and involves the addition of various ingredients to the raw materials. The compounder follows the recipe and pours the appropriate amount of the raw materials into the large mixing tanks. Once the compounding is completed, the finished candy is sent to the Quality Control lab for testing. The resulting candy is then shaped and ready for sale.

Katjes gelatin-free gummy candy

A German gummy candy company named Katjes has launched a plant-based version of its gummy products in the U.S. in May 2021. Its products are carbon-neutral and contain no palm oil or high-fructose corn syrup. A fourth innovation is in the works, which will be released at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in 2022.

The new gummy candy comes in unicorn, rainbow, heart and other shapes and flavors, and is available in the Carnival import store in Kamakura. Those who enjoy vegan candies will appreciate the fact that Katjes gummy candy is made in factory instead of a lab. The candy is also available in other popular retail outlets, such as National Azabu Supermarket in Tokyo.

Trolli Spaghettini Sour, Strawberry

Trolli Spaghettini Sour candies are deliciously sour candies with strawberry flavoring. They can be formed into a beard, knot, finger wrap, long-way, or guzzled. If you want a healthier version of this candy, try the strawberry-flavored one. It is available in the Carnival import store for less than $5.

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The TROLLI company began in 1948 by Willy Mederer. He originally called his business Wilmed, which he presumably named after himself. The company became a worldwide success and was named Trolli in 1975. In 1958, Willy Mederer’s son Herbert became the company’s sole owner. Eventually, the company expanded into peppermint candies and started selling them in bulk.

Kawaguchi Seika Lemon-chan Candy

This sweet and sour Japanese candy is made with the juice of a juicy lemon. These candies are packaged with a cute illustration of a lemon, and are the third variety in the fruit series. The company manufactures these candies in different shapes and colors, and their ingredients include sugar, starch syrup, salt, and acidulant. The company also uses turmeric pigment, mandarin juice, and paprika pigment.

While in Japan, you can find a variety of flavors and ingredients at 100 yen candy stores. For instance, the Dreamy Bean Paste Balls are made from fresh bean paste, starch syrup, maltose, and glutinous rice flour. On the other hand, Gokabou is made from soybeans and sorbitol. The Kawaguchi Seika Lemon-chan Candy contains anthocyanin pigment, concentrated grape juice, dextrin, and pectin from apple.

Kawaguchi Seika Matcha Candy

If you are interested in how to make matcha candies, you should know how Kawaguchi Seika makes them. The company is a specialized candy manufacturer located in Wakayama City in the Wakayama Prefecture. The company also produces the popular Bontan Ame and Dreamy Bean Paste Balls. They are made of fresh bean paste, starch syrup, sugar, maltose, and glutinous rice flour. Kawaguchi Seika Matcha candies are especially popular in Japan, and the information herein is for informational purposes only.

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The process of making Kawaguchi Seika Matcha Candy consists of many steps. First, the ingredients are combined. Then, the ingredients are added in small amounts. The ingredients of the Meisan Houjicha Candy include sugar, starch syrup, houjicha (roasted Japanese green tea), caramel sauce, and flavoring. The final product is then packed into candies, which are subsequently sold in stores.

Meito Kuromitsu Matcha Candy

The ingredients in Meito Kuromitsu Matcho-chan candies are sugar, starch syrup, kokuto (brown sugar) from Okinawa, natural flavouring, and vegetable oil. The sweets contain a high content of antioxidant vitamin C. These candies are popular throughout Japan, with more than half of all stores selling them. In addition to the matcha powder, the candy also contains a flavored caramel sauce.

The ingredients in Meito Kuromitsu Matcho-chan are simple and pure. The candy is made from roasted soybean flour, honey, and reduced starch syrup. It may contain soy sauce or wheat flour, but there are no other ingredients that are controversial. In addition, it is manufactured in a factory with a low-sugar content and no animal byproducts.

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