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Как медвежий жевательный мармелад производится на заводе?

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Как медвежий жевательный мармелад производится на заводе?

how is bear gummy manufactured in factory

How are gummy bears manufactured in factories? We will discuss some of the biggest brands such as Haribo, Goldbears, Albanese, and Riegel’s, and what goes into making a gummy bear. But there are many other brands that you can find in stores, as well. Here are some other things you should know about bear gummies. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which bear gummy is the best.


The gummy bears that Haribo produces are known around the world. The company has 16 production plants in 10 countries, employing 7,000 workers. A single factory can produce 100 million Goldbears a day, and they are certified to meet the highest standards of food safety. For example, German Goldbears are coloured with natural fruit extracts, rather than artificial colourants. Although blue Goldbears are theoretically possible, Haribo management has decided to stick to tradition.

A German candy manufacturer is planning to open its first North American factory in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The plant will manufacture Goldbears, Twin Snakes Sour Goldbears, and other Haribo products. The plant will be constructed in phases, with an estimated $300 million in investment. The first phase of construction will create 385 jobs, and a total of 4,200 jobs will be created by the factory’s full-time operation. The factory is expected to open in 2023.


To make the gummy bears, a production process is performed. Ingredients for the bears include corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin. They are blended together, and then flavorings such as citric acid and fruit juice concentrate are added. After the mixture is thoroughly blended, it is heated to form a slurry. After 24 hours, it is removed from the molds. The next step is to package the bears for distribution.

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The process of making bear gummies can be complicated, but it doesn’t require much skill. The entire process is largely automated. The factory employs approximately 7,000 people and produces 100 million bears per day. In some cases, gummies may not even be visible on the packaging. In other cases, the bear gummy is a fun and unique souvenir for a child or a grownup.


The Albanese bear gummy is 95% Albanese assorted gummy bears, with the rest coming from a different company. The technology for making gummy bears was created in 1998 and the company now has twelve flavors available. The bears are made of gelatin and are sold in a factory setting. The process is a complex one, with three pipes hanging from the ceiling. One pipe holds milk chocolate, another holds white chocolate, and the third is for dark chocolate. The pipes are programmed to produce the exact amounts of each chocolate. Fridays are designated as sanitizing days and a day when the factory cleans up.

The company is expanding its facility to accommodate more production. The company is one of the largest candy makers in Indiana, and is considered a medium-sized candy manufacturer. The company makes 51 varieties of gummis – including bear gummies – as well as seasonal flavors and other confections. In fact, the factory is one of the largest in the United States. If you’re in the area, consider stopping by the Albanese candy factory.


If you’re wondering where Riegel’s bear gummy comes from, you’re not alone. The popular candy has a very interesting history. Riegel was an orphan and grew up in a very poor family. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to make his father’s business into a global sweets empire, Haribo. He also made gummy bears famous in more than 100 countries around the world.

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The Riegel brothers were a team of hard-working entrepreneurs who shared responsibilities and created a successful company. Riegel’s bear gummy is produced in a factory, and each creation had to be approved by their boss before going into serial production. Their gummy bears quickly became a global phenomenon, and the Riegel brothers swore to never borrow again.


iSweetech is a professional manufacturer of commercial gummy bear making machines. With a wealth of experience, iSweetech has served over 14 countries and 29+ gummy candy production lines worldwide. Its machines meet and exceed various safety standards and meet strict quality control procedures to ensure consistent quality. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, iSweetech is your one-stop solution provider.

The bear gummy production process starts with the depositor machine. The depositor machine forms the gummy bears and fills them with the ingredients. The depositor machine uses a PLC to control the weight of each bear. The molds then transfer to a cooling tunnel, where they move for six to 10 minutes. Once they have cooled, the bears are transferred to a sugar or oil coating machine. Finally, they are stored in a drying room for 8-12 hours, ready for packaging.

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