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Как желейное желе производится на заводе?

So you want to know how gummy jelly is manufactured in a factory? Here are the steps involved:


A jelly конфетная машина offers input, cooking, and fusing capabilities. The machine consists of a sugar-gelatin dissolving cooker, a mixing tank, a pump, and valves and jacket pipes. The unit also contains a controlling cabinet and touchscreen for adjusting the size and shape of the gummy. After moulding, the finished product is transferred to a cooling tunnel and an oil sprayer to remove excess oil.


There are various benefits of pectin in gummy jelly manufacturing. It can speed up the setting process by replacing about 10% of the gelatin. However, pectin does increase the remelt temperature. This can affect the texture and taste of the product. So, manufacturers should keep these factors in mind before they begin the production process. If you want to make your own gummies, consider switching over to pectin.


A starch-based gummy jelly candy is made by mixing a sugar component and a liquid starch. The sugar component can be a conventional sugar or a monosaccharide such as glucose. Suitable trisaccharides include maltose, raffinose, and cellotriose. In addition, high-intensity sweeteners such as aspartame are also used.

Сушильная комната

Gummy manufacturers should pay attention to the drying room in the factory. It is important that the room is clean and dry. If the raw materials are too heavy, the outlet pipes can become clogged. Besides this, the drying room needs to be hygienic and safe. Also, regular maintenance is necessary for it. This way, the gummy manufacturer can ensure that it can produce its product without any problems.

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тестирование контроля качества

Color analysis of gummy candies was conducted to ensure consistency and quality. We obtained replicates of three jelly candies per formulation and tested them for their color, mechanical properties, and antioxidant capacity. The chemical used was acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, and Trolox. After all, color is important to the consumer’s first impression, and gummy candies should look bright, glossy, and be pleasantly scented.


When gummy jelly is manufactured in a factory, the process begins with the evaluation of raw materials. The ingredients are tested in a QC lab for a variety of sensory characteristics. These characteristics include color, taste, texture, viscosity, and pH. The manufacturers rely on these tests to ensure that the finished candy is of a high quality. The ingredients that go into making gummy jelly are carefully chosen to provide the desired taste and texture.

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    Автоматическая машина для изготовления жемчуга Konjac для продажи - поставщик и производитель

    QH-200K, QH-400K, QH-400K, QH-400K, QH-1000K.


    200 кг/ч 400 кг/ч 600 кг/ч 800 кг/ч 1200 кг/ч

    Длина машины

    3,5 м ÷ 3,5 м ÷ 5,5 м ÷ 5,5 м ÷ 6 м

    Автоматическая линия по производству леденцов на продажу - Candy Machine Factory

    QH-150, QH-300, QH-450, QH-600, QH1200.

    Производственная мощность (кг/ч)


    Скорость внесения (н/мин)


    Рабочее состояние

    Температура: 20-25°C
    Влажность 55%

    Купить Автоматическая линия по производству печенья — Промышленная машина для производства печенья

    QH-280, QH-400, QH-600, QH-800, QH-1000, QH-1200.

    Производственная мощность (кг/ч)

    100 – 250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 – 1250

    Общая длина (мм)

    29600, 64500, 85500, 92500, 125000, 125000

    Температура выпечки (℃)

    190-240 190-240 190-240 190-240 190-240 190-240

    Купить Popping Boba Machine | QHP-200 Полностью автоматическая линия по производству бобы

    QHP-200, QHP-400

    Производительность (кг/час)

    200 кг/ч, 400 кг/ч


    80квт, 98.8квт

    Длина машины

    12м, 14м

    Смеситель для теста с двойными лопастями (вертикальный) для продажи - завод и поставщик

    QH-30, QH-40, QH-60, QH-80, QH-120, QH-240.



    Скорость смешивания

    123/185 об/мин 丨 114/230 об/мин 丨 115/230 об/мин 丨 125/250 об/мин 丨 125/250 об/мин 丨 125/250 об/мин

    Скорость чаши

    12/24 об/мин丨12/24 об/мин丨10/20 об/мин丨10/20 об/мин丨10/20 об/мин丨10/20 об/мин

    Емкость чаши

    34 л, 48 л, 68 л, 84 л, 122 л, 240 л



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