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¿Cómo se hace Sours Gummy Candy?

If you’re a candy fan, you’ve probably wondered how sours gummy candy is made. Whether you prefer the fruity varieties or the sweeter varieties, there’s a process that makes it all possible. This article will give you the lowdown on the manufacturing process, including the ingredients, colors, and flavors that go into making these sweet treats. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to make the right choices when selecting the candy for your next party.

Proceso de manufactura

The process of making sour gummy candies begins with extruding a molten sugar mix into a mold. This mixture is heated until it hardens, creating a solid gummy center inside the hard candy shell. Once the extrudate is heated to a hard crack stage, it is then cooled. The candy is then transferred to a panning machine. Once they are in the panning machine, the pieces behave like solid hard candy.

The first step of the manufacturing process is quality control. Raw materials are evaluated and tested in a laboratory before they are used. Sensory characteristics are checked, including color, odor, and texture. Solids are also checked for particle size, oil viscosity, and pH. Manufacturers rely on these tests to create the right candy. They also use sensory panels to identify and evaluate a product’s quality.


If you’ve ever wondered how to make sours gummy candy, the secret is in the taste. There are some common ingredients, but you might be surprised to learn that you can even make them yourself! If you’re a foodie, you can make your own candy using sugar-free Jell-O. You can also purchase a gummy mold online or at a craft store. Before you get started, make sure you use nonstick spray. Combine the flavored and unflavored gelatin powder with 1/2 cup cold water. Heat the mixture to a simmer.

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To make your own sours gummy bears, you will need some simple ingredients. A candy thermometer and some natural juice will help you to make the right kind of sour gummies. You can also buy molds for sours or jelly candies, such as bear shaped ones. The recipe for homemade gummy bears requires just a few ingredients. Sour gummy candy is sweetened with natural sugars, such as honey and lemon juice. It should not contain artificial flavors.


Sours gummy candies come in a variety of colors, ranging from pink to yellow. The color of the gummy is produced by using dyes, such as Red dye #40, Yellow dye #5, and Blue liquid dye #1. The dyes are federally regulated and allow manufacturers to create almost any color they can imagine. For example, the color of the gummy candy “Love & Stars” can vary according to the manufacturer’s preference.

The primary ingredients used in making gummy candy are water, gelatin, sweeteners, and flavors. The colors and flavors of these candies are determined by the manufacturer’s recipe, which is developed by food technologists or chemists. Depending on the flavor and other characteristics of a gummy, artificial flavors may be used to enhance the natural flavor. Natural flavors come from fruits, berries, honey, and molasses. Artificial flavors are compounds made from aromatic chemicals such as methyl anthranilate and ethyl caproate. Other flavors are added to preserve the candy’s taste, including acidic ingredients.


Sours gummy candy flavors are made by using tartaric acid and sugar coating. Saliva on the tongue reacts with the tartaric acid and creates a strong sour flavor. This flavor is accompanied by the sweetness of the gummy candy underneath. This process is called candy blending. Here’s a closer look at how these sour candies are made.

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Sour gummies come in a variety of varieties. One of the most popular varieties is the Gold-Bear. This gummy candy comes in five different flavors. Some are naturally flavored, while others are artificially flavored. This candies are made in a factory. The production process is lengthy and involves several stages. The finished product is inspected before leaving the factory. This ensures quality.


Sours gummy candy originated in the 19th century. The popularity of sour candies made it popular and was used in advertising campaigns during Halloween. These products quickly became synonymous with Halloween, and the popularity of the candy encouraged candy makers to experiment with new flavors. Ultimately, the sour candy genre has become one of the most popular types of candies in the world. Here are some interesting facts about sours gummy candy.

In the early 20th century, gummy bears were not popular, and many manufacturers had little luck in finding a successful way to market them. However, in the 1970s, a candy company named Wilmed (presumably after its creator Willy Mederer) began importing these sour lemon candies from Japan. This company has since become one of the largest manufacturers of sours in the world.


Sours gummy candy is manufactured in factories. The process begins with the evaluation of incoming raw materials. Each ingredient is tested in a QC lab before they are used. Sensory qualities are checked, including appearance, color, taste, and texture. Additionally, the viscosity and pH levels of liquids and solids are examined. These tests are the foundation for the production of all varieties of gummy candies, including Sours.

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Sours gummy candy is produced using gelatin. It has a unique chewy texture. Gelatin is a protein derived from animal tissues. When dissolved in water, gelatin forms a thick gel. When heated, gelatin gels get thinner. This allows for control over the texture and the amount of time it takes to dissolve. Manufacturing of gummy candies is very different from natural candy making.

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