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Hvordan er Jelly Candy lavet på fabrikken

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Hvordan er Jelly Candy lavet på fabrikken

how is jelly candy manufactured in factory

To make jelly candies, the factory uses one of several methods. These methods include cold-set jellies, Center fill co-extrusion, and fully automatic. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand each one before buying jelly candy-making equipment. The manufacturing process also involves several stages, including ingredients, production time, and climate control. In this article, we’ll discuss each of the steps in more detail.

Cold-set jellies

Cold-set jelly is a popular dessert that is produced in factories and sold in grocery stores. Its production is highly regulated and requires the use of pectin. Pectin is a natural substance present in fruits that forms gels when combined with sugar or acid. Pectin is naturally present in all fruits, but some require combining them with other fruits with higher pectin levels or adding commercially manufactured pectin. To make jelly without pectin, one-fourth of the fruit used must be under-ripe. The jelly must be extracted as instructed and may require refrigerating for several days or longer in a boiling water bath.

A cold-set jelly candy can be enhanced with antioxidants by using hydrophilic polyphenols. These polyphenols are particularly suitable for use in aqueous food matrixes with a low pH, which favors the stabilization and dissolution of phenolic acids. Moreover, rosemary-based compounds can enhance the flavour and color of jelly candies without affecting the pH level. The technological approach should consider polyphenol stability and sensory toleration, while attempting to achieve maximum antioxidant activity in jelly candies.

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Center fill co-extrusion

The process of manufacturing liquid/gelled centers of hard candies involves several procedures, including invertase liquefaction, center-filled co-extrusion, and injection filling. These processes all use an invertase enzyme to change the sugar in fondant into a liquid. The sugar is deposited in the center of the first portion of the jelly candy, which encapsulates it within the second. The liquid center is then pumped into the second portion of the candy, which then runs through cutters and pinches to form a seal.

Semi-auto or fully automatic

To manufacture jelly candies, a manufacturing line is required to produce each type of gummy. It can either be a semi-auto or a fully automatic production line, depending on the amount of jelly candies that need to be produced. This machine can be set up to produce single-color or double-color gummies, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. For more information about the different types of jelly candy production lines, please refer to the following.

If you want to make jelly candy on a large scale, you should opt for a fully automatic manufacturing line. A fully automatic candy line has more features and is capable of producing many types of candies with varying sizes. The main components of a jelly candy manufacturing machine are the dosing pump, storage tank, cooling tunnel, and electrical control cabinet. The fully automatic machines also have better accuracy.


In order to make jelly candy, the ingredients of confections are mixed together to create a mixture. The composition of the mixture is made up of saccharides, starch, and water. Sugar is the primary ingredient of confections, but it also has other important properties, including the ability to retain moisture. Commercially available in dry crystalline form, sucrose is derived from sugar cane. Although often confused with sugar, sucrose is not a synonym for it.

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To make jelly candy, sugar is mixed with starch and flavorings. The mixture is then poured into a fruit slice mold. Once the mixture is completely cooled, it is cured at 140 degrees F. The molded candy is then polished. However, this process is not without a high level of energy and attention. Jelly candy is not without its drawbacks. A large proportion of its ingredients are artificial, such as colors.


The process of manufacturing jelly candy in a factory includes the preparation of gelatine, cooking and fusing processes. The machine is comprised of a cooker, buffer tank, mixer, valves and jacket pipes, and a controlling cabinet. It has a touchscreen for regulating the production process and sizing of the gummy candies. It also features a de-moulding apparatus and a spraying apparatus for oil.

The production of jelly sweets uses agar and agaroid solutions that contain 70 percent sugar. These solutions have a higher viscosity than sugar solutions. Thus, agaroid solutions are able to gel at a higher temperature than sugar solutions. The pectin and agaroid mixture are also more soluble than sugar, so they can be easily molded into shapes like jelly spheres.

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