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Máquina de biscoitos macios

Tipo horizontal de misturador de massa

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    Misturador de massa multifuncional para biscoito duro e biscoito macio

    Misturador de massa

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    • 50-1500
    •      3
      Equipe de design personalizada
    •   40+
      Production experience
    • 2500+
      Years maintenance






    This is mixer has a unique ‘$’ design mixing blade that ensures good dispersion of ingredients and rapid development of the dough, it is critical to developing the soft extensible dough.
    This mixing action which kneads rolling and folding in the dough without too much tearing and extruding is ideal.
    Mixing time on a low-speed mixer will be 20-25minutes.
    Mixing time at high speed for the special starch dough will be 10-12minutes.


    Advantage of dough mixer:

    1. 50-500 kg/batch for small and mufti production

    • Mun ti-function for hard and soft dough
    • Space-saving
    • A gale adjusting
    • Forward & Reforward:90-120o
    • Stainless steel $ type blade
    • Directly connected with silo system to achieve the online mixing effect

    2. 500-1500 kg/batch for big or continuous production

    • PLC control system & touch scream
    • SEW motor
    • Connect with automatic dough cutter & conveyor
    • Non-stick PU belt
    • Stainless steel & type blade
    •  Invert drive to give maximum speed ranges, smooth start-up, and minimal power usage.
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