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If you’re wondering how bear gummies are made, here’s an overview of the production process. It begins with the preparation of gelatin, oil, and molds. Next, the slurry is mixed with corn starch to prevent the gummy bears from sticking to the molds. Corn starch is an excellent release agent that ensures the gummy bears come out easily. After the mixture is poured into the molds, the gummy bears are stored at 65 degrees. After the 24 hours, the gummies are removed from the molds.


The production process of gummy bears starts with the creation of a slurry, which is then mixed with corn starch. The corn starch prevents the gummy bears from sticking to the mold. The slurry is then stored at 65 degrees for 24 hours. Finally, it is removed from the molds. After this process, the gummy bears must be stored in an airtight package and kept at a low temperature.

Once these ingredients are mixed together, food technologists and chemists blend them to give the gummy candy the perfect taste. Gelatin is another ingredient needed for the production process of bear gummies. Gelatin is derived from animal bones and tissues. When mixed with water, gelatin forms a gel-like substance. When this slurry is cooked, it becomes a chewy gummy bear.


There are many ways to produce gummy bears. But how do you create them? The best way is to make sure that the raw materials you use are high quality. To do this, you need to conduct quality checks in a laboratory. The testing includes determining the color, texture, appearance, flavor, pH, and particle size. You need to determine the exact specifications of your raw materials and make sure that they match your desired end product.

During the manufacturing process, the ingredients in gummy bears have to pass through various passages. These passages can be obstructed by various substances, such as gummy bears. Thankfully, this problem can be resolved by unblocking the passageway so that the ingredients can flow freely. However, if the machine runs too slowly, the ingredients may not reach their desired location.


A good gummy bear making factory will have molds. These molds are typically made of silicone and are very flexible. Once filled with gummy paste, the bears are inverted onto a starch buck and scrubbed. From there, they’re transferred to the next segment of the production line on a conveyor belt. A proper unmolding process is critical to avoid damaging the gummy bears.

In addition to the molds themselves, a factory will have a variety of candy molding machines. These include bear gummy molds, geometric shapes, under the sea collection, dinosaur gummy molds, and mini donut molds. Molds are oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Gummy bears can be made with Jello or fruit snacks. A factory can even purchase the gummy bear molds as an accessory for the production line.


The manufacturing process for gummy bears begins with a slurry that is cooled to 65oF. After being set in the molds for twenty-four to twenty-six hours, the candy is removed and placed in a large drum tumbler to dry. In order to create a variety of bear-shaped gummies, the candy-making process requires mixing ingredients from old and new machines.

First, the ingredients are mixed. Sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin are blended until a soft, gummy substance is formed. A flavoring agent, such as citric acid or fruit juice concentrate, is added. The liquid is then cooked to form a slurry. Next, the gummy bears are transferred to the packaging line. After the final process, they are packaged and shipped. Some companies manufacture healthier varieties as well.

Riegel’s original bear-shaped gummy candies

Riegel’s gummy bears are fruit-flavored gelatin sweets. They are a classic confection, and their history dates back to the late 1960s. Before these bear-shaped candies became popular, they were known as wine gums. But the gummy bear was only the beginning. Riegel also created other bear-shaped candies such as polar bears.

The company’s original gummy bears were inspired by European circus bears, and they were much larger than today’s Gold-Bears. The bears were hugely popular, and the company had a factory with 400 employees producing ten tons of candy a day. The name Haribo comes from the initials of the founder’s surname, Hans.

Adult gummy bear shots

You may have heard of adult gummy bear shots, but do you know where they are made? Adult gummy bears are made in a factory and taste just like the gummy candies. They are made with sugar-free alcohol, which makes them keto friendly and low-carb. These drinks make for a fun NYE drink, and they are a great choice for those who aren’t looking to drink too much alcohol.

The first gummy candy made for adults was Jelly Belly in 1981, but Haribo brought them to the U.S. a year later. Haribo produced their candy in Germany, and started selling it here in 1982. Other companies followed suit a few years later, including Albanese and Brach’s. Gummy bears are delicious, and have a long history in American culture.

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    자동 곤약 진주 제조 기계 판매 – 공급 업체 및 제조

    QH-200K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-1000K

    생산 능력

    200kg / h 丨 400kg / h 丨 600kg / h 丨 800kg / h 丨 1200Kg / h

    기계 길이

    3.5m 丨 3.5m 丨 5.5m 丨 5.5m 丨 6m

    판매용 자동 롤리팝 생산 라인 - 사탕 기계 공장

    QH-150 丨 QH-300 丨 QH-450 丨 QH-600 丨 QH1200

    생산 능력 (kg / h)

    150 만 300 만 450 만 600 만 1200 ~ 2000 년

    입금 속도 (n / min)


    작업 조건

    온도 : 20-25 ° C
    습도 55%

    자동 비스킷 생산 라인 구매 – 산업용 비스킷 기계

    QH-280 丨 QH-400 丨 QH-600 丨 QH-800 丨 QH-1000 丨 QH-1200

    생산 능력 (kg / h)

    100 丨 250 丨 500 丨 750 丨 1000 丨 1250

    총 길이 (mm)

    29600 丨 64500 丨 85500 丨 92500 丨 125000 丨 125000

    소성 온도 (℃)

    190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240

    하드 비스킷 크래커 비스킷 공장용 반죽 피더 구매
    판금 두께

    조절할 수 있는

    전력 (kW)


    속도 (m / min)

    1.2-1.9m / 분

    터지는 보바 머신 구매 | QHP-200 전자동 팝핑 보바 라인

    QHP-200, QHP-400

    용량 (kg / 시간)

    200KG/H, 400KG/H

    전기 같은

    80kw, 98.8kw

    기계 길이

    12m, 14m

    CBD 거미 기계 및 상업용 산업용 캔디 제조 장비 구매


    용량 (kg / 시간)

    40kg-50kg / h

    입금 속도 (회 / 분)


    기계 길이

    4 분


    에어 쿨러


    이중 블레이드 반죽 믹서 (수직) 판매 – 공장 및 공급 업체

    QH-30 丨 QH-40 丨 QH-60 丨 QH-80 丨 QH-120 丨 QH-240

    0.85 / 1.1kw / hr 丨 0.85 / 1.5kw / hr 丨 1.5 / 2.4kw / hr 丨 2.2 / 3.3kw / hr 丨 3 / 4.5kw / hr 丨 4 / 7.5kw / hr

    혼합 속도

    123 / 185r / min 丨 114/230 r / min 丨 115/230 r / min 丨 125/250 r / min 丨 125/250 r / min 丨 125/250 r / min

    보울 속도

    12/24 r / min 丨 12/24 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min

    그릇 용량

    34L 丨 48L 丨 68L 丨 84L 丨 122L 丨 240L


    750 * 430 * 990 丨 920 * 510 * 1050 丨 950 * 550 * 1100 丨 1050 * 600 * 1150 丨 1200 * 690 * 1330 丨 1300 * 880 * 1580

    판매용 젤리 건조 트레이 공장 및 제조업체

    PE + PP


    800 * 600 * 70mm





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