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QH400 Fully Automatic Custard Cake Production Line

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    Fully automatic cake production line for all kind of cake making.

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    QH400 Fully Automatic Custard Cake Production Line

    Cake making machine 9

    QH Service Cake Production Line is the primary choice for production of kinds of filled custard cake, Euro-style cake and other kind of cake in various size and shape. The weight of cake can be adjusted at the range of 10g-1000g as per customer’s requirement. This plant is known for rationalized structure, easy operation, smooth operation and high efficiency. Using advanced technology. Adopting computerize programs control, the plant is widely welcomed by food manufacturers.

    Production capacity(kg/h)100200300400
    Gas Consumption(kg/h)16242832
    Electric Power(kw)85140180240

    Cake sample:

    Cake making machine 10

    Process Flow:

    Cake making machine 11

    How to produce the custard cake?

    The planetary mixer

    The planetary mixer is composed of a low-speed agitator and a high-speed disperser. It has good mixing, reaction, dispersion and dissolution, and realizes emulsification and aeration. It is especially suitable for the relative dispersion and mixing of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid; due to its great output torque , It is especially suitable for stirring and blowing the cake slurry with higher viscosity. At the same time, the equipment has the function of wall hanging and scraping, no dead ends, no residue, suitable for small capacity cake production.

    Cake making machine 12

    Automatic beating machine for cakes

    From mixing and cooling to high-speed sending, the entire system is composed of a feeding system, a storage system, a sending system, a conveying system, a refrigeration system and a control system. With such a continuous sending system, the cake ingredients can be stirred and sent in a short time. , The whipped cake material is automatically delivered to the cake forming machine through the automatic feeding tube to ensure that the product has the same specific gravity from the beginning to the end, which overcomes the roughness, unstable quality and short retention period of the products produced by the egg beater , Poor taste and other defects, make the product organization more delicate, more stable, good color, good taste, and long-lasting.

    Using high-speed impeller, screw pump, high-speed beating head, inflatable squeezing pump and other equipment and technologies, the cake ingredients can be mixed and blown in a short time. The delivery tube outside the discharge port can automatically transport the whipped cake material to the cake. The forming machine can save a lot of labor and mixing time. The cake material sent by this machine has uniform and stable texture density, the appearance of the cake produced is more beautiful, and the taste is more delicious.

    Cake making machine 13

    Automatic parer cup insert machine

    Before the dough liquid depositing, there will be a important process of parer cup insert for custard cake production, the prefect position sensing design ensure cup put more accurate.

    Cake making machine 14

    Cake depositing system (With oil sprayer system)

    Touch screen, compact structure, concentrated functions, simple operation

    Using air cylinder as power, equipped with photoelectric tracking, automatic quantitative extrusion, high precision and accurate quantitative

    Advanced pump structure, high rated output pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move

    It is easy to use and maintain, and has good safety. It can be used safely in places with large changes in temperature and humidity.

    It can work in three or two cylinders to achieve 4:1 or 1:1 slurry mixing ratio requirements. The pump has high pressure and large output flow, which can meet high-intensity depositing.

    Cake making machine 1

    Baking oven

    The working principle is gas ribbon burners fitted directly into the baking chamber. Various burner types makes it possible to make a unique baking profile for every product. The burner controls are split in top and bottom heat and in more zones.

    The working principle is indirect air impingement, an optimization of the well known convection principle. The heat from the gas burner is exchanged in the heat exchange above the baking chamber. The baking air is not mixed with the combustion air. Direct Impingement ovens are also available, where combustion air is circulated in the baking chamber.

    Cake making machine 2

    Conveyor for cooling

    Cake making machine 3

    Automatic cake/pan separate system

    Using a powerful suction cup, the cake is completely sucked out of the tray and placed on the sterilization cooling conveyor without damaging the outer structure of the cake. The degree of stability is very high.

    Cake making machine 4

    Center Jam Filling

    The perfect program can precisely control the filling volume of the cream, and the depositing speed can be adjusted.

    Cake making machine 5

    Conveyor belt for cake sterilization

    The air is purified and sterilized by ultraviolet rays.

    Cake making machine 6

    Tray clean/ turning

    Automatic tray turning and clean

    Cake making machine 7

    Cake pan

    The cake shape can be customized by mold pan.

    Cake making machine 8

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