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The demand Pet biscuit market

Introduction of pets:

More and more people will keep pets. Because cats and dogs are smarter and cute, they are the most loved by people. However, the laws of most countries still limit pets to animals. But in fact, pets have long been in the owner’s heart. Friends and even family members too. As an opportunity for human beings to get close to nature, keeping pets can meet the psychological needs of human beings. It is a very healthy and normal hobby.

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The benefits of keeping pets:

1. It can cultivate children’s love and sense of responsibility, so that children can learn to take care of the weak.

2. It can accompany the children to grow up and accompany the elderly in life, so that the children and the elderly are not alone.

3. It can exercise children’s resistance and reduce the chance of allergies.

4. Relieve the stress of urban young people and become a good way to relax emotionally


The market for pet biscuits:


With the progress of economy and society, the food for pet dogs is not just bones and raw meat. In recent years, more and more owners care about the diet of pets and dogs, and a variety of nutritious pet biscuits have gradually appeared on the market. The most popular ones are bone biscuits and small fish biscuits, and they are most popular with cats and dogs. Favorite. The market for pet biscuits is also growing. According to data analysis, the proportion of pet biscuits consumption has increased year by year, and it has exceeded 65% in 2020, and this proportion will continue to rise. The main consumer groups are pet specialty stores, pet hospitals, retail stores, and pet owners who buy the strongest.

The function of pet biscuits:

And for pet dogs of different ages, there are also biscuits with different tastes on the market, and they correspond to different functions.

For example, increase pet appetite, help digestion, prevent tooth decay, teeth grinding, remove bad breath, supplement calcium, prevent hair loss, hairdressing, enhance immunity, etc. The corresponding formulas are also different.

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The craft of pet biscuits:

The craftsmanship of pet biscuits is also very different from the biscuits we humans eat. Some crisp pet biscuits have a simple ratio of raw chicken plus chicken powder and some fruits such as raspberries. After the biscuit forming machine is formed, it is baked in an oven at a low temperature of 90 degrees for 1 hour to maintain the original flavor in the recipe.


What can we do for you:

We have been specializing in the production of biscuit equipment for 40 years. If you have the idea to enter the pet biscuit industry, we can provide you with high-quality biscuit machines, installation and debugging, and have craftsmen to help you customize the formula to enter this huge market.


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