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The development market of functional gums

New health food such as functional soft candy not only provides consumers with multi-scene experience, but also points out the direction for the future development of the industry.

In recent years, with the accelerated upgrading of the national health consumption concept and consumer demand, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the taste and appearance level of functional food.

From tablets and capsules to jelly candy, functional foods are becoming more and more like “food.”

In February this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the “Health Food Record Dosage Form and Technical Requirements (2021 Edition)”, which for the first time included the gelatin candy in the form of food into the health food record dosage form.

According to the announcement, gelatin candies will be officially put on record in June this year, meaning that soft candies can quickly wear the blue hat of health food through filing system.

Nowadays, functional soft candy and other new health food not only provide consumers with multi-scene experience, but also point out the direction for the future development of the industry.

01. A number of enterprises add code function jelly

The global functional sugar market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% from 2019 to 2025.

In the case of vitamin fudge, the data indicate a positive outlook for the fudge vitamin market with a CAGR of about 6%, which is expected to grow from about $3.1 billion in 2018 to about $5.8 billion in 2029.

Among them, the consumption of fudge vitamins is high among women, and children will be the main consumers of fudge vitamins by 2024.

According to data from the China Institute of Commerce, the market size of functional food is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan in 2022.

With the gradual expansion of functional food market scale, many functional food start-up brands are rising against the trend.

At present, there are fudge with vitamin and mineral supplements, DHA fudge, yeast zinc fudge, probiotic fudge, melonin fudge, collagen fudge and other products on the market.

Anginuit, Tomson By-Health, English, Amway, Xianle Health and other brands have started to layout the dosage form.

From tablets and capsules to jelly candy, functional foods are becoming more and more like “food.”

On the one hand, traditional health food enterprises are constantly looking for breakthroughs in product forms to make them more like “food”;

On the other hand, ordinary food and beverage enterprises have also begun to play functional banner, want to add “function” to ordinary food.

It is reported that functional food brands “Buffx” and “Minayo” have received tens of millions of yuan of A round of financing.

Targeting its audience at a younger age, the Buffx brand has partnered with organizations that produce formula foods for special medical uses to research and develop fudge products with functional ingredients that allow consumers to supplement their nutrition while satisfying their taste buds.

The company has lutein ester blueberry eye candy, vitamin C candy, γ-aminobutyric acid candy, ginger (black) candy and other functional candy products.

Minayo’s multidimensional fudge is on Tmall’s top-selling confectionery list.

Many companies are overweight functional jelly market, in order to meet the needs of consumers in different scenarios, the aurora borealis venture partners, said Lin road lifestyle change is a big trend, the current health of health food and leisure food consumption demand have been in the United States, Japan and other developed markets verified, in our country is still belong to high growth increment of the market,

The rapid rise of the demand side will accelerate the reverse to promote the orderly opening of policies.

With strong supply chain organizational and operational capabilities to bring safe and innovative functional food for consumers.

02. Open the young market breakthrough

In recent years, the rise of functional soft candy has opened a breakthrough for the young market of health food.

“Eating the most expensive health care products and staying up late at night”, this playful network buzzword “punk health preservation” tells the daily life and health care of many young people.

The previously familiar health food has quietly changed into colorful soft candy, jelly and beverage, which enables the young people in pursuit of individual consumption to realize health preservation unknowingly.

More than half of China’s post-1990s generation suffer from hair loss, hair loss and impaired vision, while about 40% are obese and exercise impaired, and 30% have weakened immunity, according to a report on young people’s health consumption trends released by CBNData, a business data center based on China Business News.

Healthy consumption has become a normal demand for more and more young people.

Jingdong data shows that in 2020, the “post-1995” health consumption increased by more than two times.

According to data from CBNData and Alibaba, in the past three years, the post-90s generation has become the backbone of online shopping for nourishment products.

“Sour and sweet, eat up also no burden, all when to eat snacks.”

Many young people live in a fast pace of life and pursue high efficiency and instant enjoyment. Compared with traditional health-preserving food materials that need to be steamed, boiled, stewed or boiled, young people prefer “ready to eat” and nourishing products with good taste.

The consumer trends report released by Tmall shows that in the past year, emerging consumers’ pursuit of “health” and “beauty” has made health care “fast digesting”.

Health care products in the form of snacks, vitamins, melatonin, fish oil are presented in the form of soft candy, even hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide and other beauty ingredients can be taken orally.

03. Fudge dosage form products are growing rapidly

As consumers born in the 1990s and 1995s start to become the main consumers, young people pay more attention to the selling points of products such as fun, high appearance level and convenience.

Therefore, soft candy dosage form products are growing at a high speed.

On By-Health’s e-commerce platform, products suitable for young people’s consumption habits, such as DHA soft candy and collagen-based drinks flavored with honey peaches, are selling like hot cakes.

Time-honored brands and snack brands have also felt the heat wave and joined the team of “punk health”.

The cafe opened by Tongrentang uses a cup of “wolfberry latte” to meet the dual needs of young people to maintain a fashionable lifestyle and keep healthy. Pharmaceutical companies such as Fang Huichun Tang, Hu Qingyu Tang and Pan Gaishou have launched black sesame pills with independent packaging to help young people “stabilize hair and nourish hair”.

Three squirrels launched nutritious snacks such as red dates and wolfberry pills and red beans and coix seeds pills.

Wonderlab also offers oral hyaluronic acid fudge and sleep bonbons.

But it is worth noting that some businesses play a marginal ball, under the name of snacks, through exaggerated publicity, trying to promote health food or even medicine.

Compared with the real snacks that pretend to be health food, the harm of “fake snacks” that conceal the effect of medicine should be vigilant.

“Some so-called natural fat-burning milk tablets and slimming sugar on the market, even the effective ingredients are not clear, selling is willing to be hooked.”

A dietitian blogger warns consumers.

04. Leading the direction of future consumption

The emergence of functional soft candy and other new health food points out the direction for the future development of the industry.

Industry insiders said that China’s existing functional soft candy production enterprises are few, to enhance the production capacity of functional soft candy in China is the future development of the industry needs to focus on consideration.

Functional jelly candy is a consumption trend jointly promoted and paid attention to by the new generation of consumers, which provides the convenient possibility of health preservation and health care anytime and anywhere in multiple scenes.

According to Grand View Research, the global functional food market is expected to reach $275.77 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% over the forecast period.

In China, functional food market is developing rapidly. Enterprises should seize the opportunity of differentiation in market segments, deeply explore and innovate consumer demands, and build core competitiveness.

Consumers are more inclined to soft candy health food in terms of taste and appearance level, which gives rise to a new consumption pattern of functional candy.























功能性软糖是新生代消费者共同推动和关注的消费趋势,提供多场景、随时随地皆可养生、保健的便捷可能。根据Grand View Research的报告,到2025年,全球功能性食品市场规模预计将达到2757.7亿美元(约为18112亿元人民币),在预测期内,复合年增长率将达到7.9%。



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