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Como são fabricados os doces de goma?

If you’ve ever wondered how gummy sweets are manufactured, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss the ingredients that go into creating the sweet treats you love so much. We’ll cover sugar-coated gummies, Starburst candies, and Glucose syrup. But, what about functional ingredients? And how are they added? Hopefully, you’ll feel more educated by the end of this article.


If you’ve ever wondered how gummy sweets are made, you may want to watch this video. It shows how gelatin is extracted from animal by-products and then processed to produce a jelly-like substance. The FDA has published guidelines for sourcing gelatin and processing it to avoid any risk of BSE. Watch the video to learn how gelatin is used in gummy sweets manufacturing.

The process starts with the evaluation of raw materials. The raw materials are tested for a variety of characteristics, including the viscosity of the oil, the pH level of the liquid, and the particle size of the solid. Once the ingredients are checked for these characteristics, the company will determine whether the ingredients will produce a high-quality candy. The process is then repeated until the ingredients are perfectly smooth and free of defects.

Sugar-coated gummy sweets

The process of manufacturing sugar-coated gummy sweets involves using a number of procedures. The first step is to evaluate the incoming raw materials. Once all the ingredients are sorted, they are tested in a quality control laboratory to determine whether they are of the desired quality. Sensory characteristics such as color, odor, and flavor are checked, as well as the particle size and viscosity of oils and solids. Manufacturers rely on these tests in order to produce delicious candies.

The sugar-coated layer 12 of the gummy sweet is made of gelatin, which is then pressed to create a chewy texture. When the gummy is dried, the water content in the gummy sweet should be between seven and eleven percent. The manufacturing process of sugar-coated gummy sweets is therefore highly efficient, making it an effective tool in reducing food waste.

Starburst candies

Starburst candies are generally sweet. However, a new variety, Sour Fruit Chews, was introduced in 2002. Other variations followed in the following years. In 2003, Mars Australia introduced a Starburst Squirt product with a jelly liquid center. In 2006, the company released a limited edition Starburst flavor called Juicy Burst. In 2013, the company also released Starburst Fruity Slushies.

To make Starburst candy, sugar is dissolved in water and the syrup is boiled until it reaches 110 degC. The syrup is then boiled with other ingredients, including preservatives. You can also see how the Starburst confectionery is made by taking a factory tour. You’ll learn how the candy is made and discover what goes into making one of the most popular candies in the world.

Xarope de glicose

Glucose syrup is a common commercial sweetener that is extracted from corn or other starchy foods and has little nutritional value. It is primarily used to increase the sweetness of commercial sweets and is cheap to produce. However, despite the cheap cost, glucose syrup has many negative effects on health. It is a highly concentrated source of sugar, and one tablespoon of it contains 62 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates, making it nearly 4 times as high in calories as table sugar.

Glucose syrup is one of the main ingredients in gummy confections. In order to produce these sweets, manufacturers must carefully select their raw materials. During this stage, the ingredients are evaluated for their sensory characteristics such as color, odor, and taste. The quality control process also involves testing for particle size and viscosity of solids and oils. Moreover, the texture and formulation ingredients have to be altered to produce low-calorie gummies.

Gummy Arabic

Traditionally, gummy candy is produced in factories using gum Arabic. However, some countries make them from other ingredients. There are a few key differences between these two sweets. One is their consistency. Gummy Arabic is made from a plant that produces gum. Another is their taste. A typical gummy candy is quite sweet and sticky. They are also commonly known as pastilles. In addition to their texture, gummy Arabic sweets can also be made from other ingredients.

Gum Arabic is a natural product that has many uses. It was used by the pharaohs as a glue and as a pain reliever. The acacia senegal tree is the main source of this gum. This gum grows in the “African Gum Belt” from Somalia to Senegal. It is also found in parts of Africa south of the equator, including western and eastern Sudan.

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