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    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale – Buy industrial Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    The advanced Wafer Biscuit Production Line

    1. Reliable performance, stable operation, long service life. electrical equipment, PLC, Converter,Motor adopts Imported brand parts assemble in China;
    2. Reasonable layout, compact structure, small occupation,
    3. High automatic, stand-alone machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance;
    4. High demoulding rate and finished Sheet rate of no less than 98%;
    5. Special energy conservation design, low energy cost, can reduce pollution to an extreme;
    6. Machines’ material comply with food hygiene standard, all parts which is connected with food are adopt stainless steel, except for the special parts ;

    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale - Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    Production capacity(kg/24h)25003500400050006000
    Gas ovenGas consumption(kg/h)1825253240
    Electric ovenInstalled power(kw)120160180200250
    Heating power(kw)86124144163201
    External size5930*1500*25008330*1500*25009470*1500*250010610*1500*250012890*1500*2500


    The complete process for wafer making

    Batter Mixer

    Cream mixer

    Wafer forming + Baking oven

    Sheet receiver

    Cooling tower

    Sheet Picking machine

    Cream spreading machine

    Vertical cooling cabinet


    Cutting and laminating machine

    Smash machine

    How the machine making the wafer biscuit?

    Youtube link:(https://youtu.be/IQ3_wZt5sCw)

    Wafer biscuit sample show:

    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale - Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    Batter Mixer:

    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale - Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    This makes the batter for the system to produce the wafers. This system constitutes of: batter mixing tank and batter storage tank and pumps and fittings for transferring batter. Batter mixing tank, batter transfer pump and pipes and fittings all adopt 304 Stainless Steel food quality material. Good tightness is required for electric control cabinet, Capacity of the batter will be 25kgs of flour per batch which can be converted into about 65 kg batter within 5 minutes of mixing. Batter Mixer will have flat type lid to cover the mixing units.

    Cream mixer:

    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale - Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    This machine is used to mix the sugar power, shorting material into wafer sandwich material, which can turn the raw material into sandwich cream in a certain period of time through the low and high speed to offer it to the cream spreading machine to spread it to the surface of wafer biscuit.

    Wafer Forming machine + baking oven:

    wafer production line

    This is very important equipment in the wafer production line. The wafer baking system uses LPG or Natural gas for heating of the baking plates. The function of the baking oven is fully automatic from spreading batter on the plates through until baked wafer sheets come out of the oven. Baking is even and produces good quality wafer sheets for next procedure. In PLC there is PID controller which is used for controlling the temperature of the baking plates automatically .The collection of required signal of PID is supplied by infrared sensor .The oven status display and the data reset are supplied by a touch screen, all motor have the starting current protection and thermal overload protection

    Sheet Receiver:


    The sheet receiver automatically demounds and receives the fresh wafer sheets from the oven by synchronizing transmission of Baking oven and transfer them to the cooling tower

    Waste cleaning brush is fixed on conveyor belt to swept away the wafer crush in the process of conveying

    Cooling tower:


    This machine raises the wafer sheets to have natural cooling. This machine relieves heat stress applied on the wafer sheet during baking process. Unless the sheets are cooled smoothly, it tends to break even for a small impact during further processing of the wafers due to heat stress. This machine also called stress-reliving machine. This is an improved system according to your requirement increasing width & height of the carry arms. All parts that contact the food are made out of Stainless steel.

    Sheet Picking machine:

    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale - Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    By using two photoelectric switches located on both sides of conveying belt to detect whether wafer sheets are in full corners. According to recognition accuracy, it can automatically collect defect wafers by sending them down to the collection place.

    Cream spreading machine:


    This machine is an important piece of machine in the wafer line, which determines the number of wafer sheets and cream (chocolate) layers that should be made. This machine has functions such as: applying cream (chocolate) layer on pre cooled wafer sheets, draw evenly the cream (chocolate) layer and making the book of wafers sheets with different layer of cream (chocolate) and sheets, then applying slight pressure to hold the wafer/cream (chocolate) together. Number of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted as required to have count of 3/ 4/ 5 etc. The machine will automatically count them according to the adjustment made. Anticipate the roller of filler contain automatic constant temperature control. Draw the layer thickness adjustable.

    Vertical cooling cabinet:


    This cooler adopts refrigeration compressors which inside temperature can be adjusted from13ºC to 15ºC. it is used for cooling the laminated wafers with cream filled, whole shell are made of Stainless steel , And inside wall is made of PB board, in-out convey belts are adopted food grade PVC. In order to keep the air quality, each in-out of cold air has a filter mesh to filter the impurity in the air.

    Laminating machine:

    Best Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale - Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line From Factory -OEM/ODM with Lowest Prices

    The conveyor works before cutting machine where transfers semi-finished wafer to internal channels of cutting machine.Automatic PLC program control system and sheet blockage function.

    Cutting and laminating machine:


    It is a wire cut machine to cut the cream filled wafer sheets depending on the final size required. The cutting size can be contently adjustable. This machine is pneumatically handled so that the smooth transfer through the machine is ensured. The direction changing to have longitudinal and cross will be done automatically. The antiseptic treatment is made after the machine frame and racks made by carbon node steel, the table are polished carbon steel with chrome plating

    Smash machine:


    In the wafer line there is wastage from the cutting process which needs to be reused in order to minimize the overall wastage of wafer baking system to 2%. This equipment is used for grinding the discarded wafer in to reusable form. The ground material can be used with cream. The smashing or grinding machine is constructed out of stainless steel material to maintain hygiene of reusable product. The grinding system is driven by 3Kw motor to have high power and efficiency.


    Why Buy Wafer Machine from us – Manufacturer

    • Real factory not trade company

    Shanghai QHBake Machine Co.Ltd, the first large bakery machine manufacturer located in Shanghai China Since 1980. the company has more than 40 years of machine manufacturing history.The longest professional development, the earliest market management, the highest degree of integration, the country’s largest food machine production factory.

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    Our factory have more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience,There are 12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere.

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    All machine made in GMP standard factory

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    We have cooperate with the authoritative scientific research institute to custom the special formula for you with machine ,ensure you make the best gummy with good deal.

    • Technology support

    12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere. Can be video call online to guide you how the machine install and maintain

    • Detail documents

    The details manual and video introduction are both provide,All important documents also.

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    • After Sales Services

    Every engineers has passport, can be go to your factory to offer you guide and train your workers. The sales online answer you question all time. And years maintenance

    • Annual maintenance

    We offer the annual maintenance for our customers to make sure machine running well and no trouble for customer.

    Confirm Wafer Make Machine Quality Standards and Certifications

    Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality standards and certifications

    International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards and certifications

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards and certifications

    We not only have CE electrical quality standards and certifications,but also UL Certification.

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    Ready to Add Wafer Machine to Your Operations? Let Us Help

    Maximizing your return on investment means selecting the right machine that will match your facility’s size, scope of work, and projected growth. You do not want a unit too large or too small for current and future operations. In most cases, it is always better to purchase one with the potential to scale your production to meet all levels of customer demand.

    To aid manufacturers in providing the highest product quality possible, Shanghai QHBake Food Company offers a wide variety of equipment options to suit your facility’s needs and your company’s operations. If you want to add biscuit production to your offerings, replace your existing equipment, or want to discuss anything else related to biscuit machines, contact us anytime.

    More Specifications for Wafer Making Machine

    1. What’s the capacity of wafer make equipment you want?
    2. What’s the wafer shape and size you need to produce?
    3. Level of automation which can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic biscuit making machine.
    4. Power specifications including the right power rating for operating the wafer biscuit making machine.
    5. Which energy source used for baking oven? Electric/Gas/Dairy?
    6. Dimensions of the wafer making machine in terms of size and weight among other key dimensions.

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