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    Taffy Candy Production Line for toffee candy/taffy candy

    Taffy Candy Production Line

    • 150-1200Capacity
    • 2500+Years maintenance
    • 3+Customerized design team
    • 25-45  Depositing speed(n/min)

    Full automatic servo-driven PLC controlled toffee candy depositing line is the most advanced production line for depositing all candy manufacturing, this line mainly consists of an auto weighing and mixing system(can be optional), pressure dissolving system, toffee candy cooker, depositor, and cooling tunnel and adopt the advances servo system to control the processing

    Toffee boiling cooker
    2. High-efficiency cooking, no air bubbles, minimal distortion
    3. Cooking and caramelizing separately. simultaneous
    4. Independent control over color, flavor, moisture, and texture
    5. Automatic ingredient feeder, rapid changeovers
    6. low scrap rate, low manpower, and less costly
    7. Automatic color/flavor adding
    8. Hygiene and safely

    Depositing system and cooling tunnel
    1.Surface are waterproof frosted, extend service life,GMP standard
    2.Depositing head’s shell without sharp angle design.
    3.High accurate depositing, no deviation
    3. Wider Demoulding steel plate, easy demolding, less damage the mold
    4.Closely delicate structure, save factory space
    5.Viewport for demould
    6.Hopper german design, more atmospheric
    7. Each mold 24 holes, increase output
    8. Air cooler is integrated with a cooling tunnel, easy install
    9.Continuous accurate depositing, no air bubbles no flashing,
    10.Single pipeline clean system, Automatic wash-down function, closely structure, save space
    11.Precisely defined stripes or layers