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QHM500 Marshmallow Production Line

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    Fully automatic marshmallow depositing extruding production line

    QHM500 Fully Automatic Marshmallow Production Line

    Marshmallow production line 9

    Marshmallow is a special inflatable soft candy, is also a popular candy in the market, loved by people all over the world, simple raw ingredient and process is not complicated. QHM series marshmallow equipment is suitable for various of marshmallow production, and the whole process can be fully automated. Therefore, it is a good choice for business investors.

    QHM marshmallow line apply for:

    Marshmallow production line 10

    1 Center filling extruding marshmallow

    2 Rotary extrusion cutting marshmallow

    3 Horizontal extrusion cutting marshmallows

    4 Center filling depositing marshmallow

    5 Wafer cones depositing marshmallow

    Flow process:

    1. In the pre-mixer, all the ingredients to be dissolved and cooked.
    2. Then the basic slurry is continuously pumped to a cooker till the final moisture level is reached.
    3. After cooking, the slurry will be cooled and mixed with a separate whipping agent solution.
    4. Then the cooled “marshmallow base” is passed through the continuous aerator.
    5. The product then be 9divided and injection with different colors and flavors.
    6. The multi-color product is extruded ,and transported on a cooling conveyor for cooling down;
    7. The conditioned marshmallows are dusted top and bottom with starch, or a mixture of both starch and icing sugar in a separate dust cabin; the product is cut to the required length here.
    8. The dust cabin is kept under a strict control to prevent the “dust” spreading throughout the plant. The excess starch/sugar is removed.
    9. The final is transferred to a packaging place.

    The process of marshmallow making

    Kitchen system for syrup cooking

    According to different formula, we can customize the different configurations of cooking system. suitable for gelatin, pectin, and starch. Including cooking and cooling.

    Marshmallow production line 11


    This equipment is used to produce inflatable candy products such as marshmallows and toffees. The air-pressure stirred candy has uniform density, good elasticity, good taste and high production efficiency. It is controlled by computer PLC, continuous production, uniform density, less bubbles, Features of high output.

    Marshmallow production line 3

    Color/flavor mixing

    The syrup Inflated with trough CFA system for mixing with color and flavor together. Special structure more accurate controlled by dosing pump.

    Marshmallow production line 2

    Starch place system

    For prevent the syrup stick on the conveyor belt, The starch will placed above.

    Marshmallow production line 3

    Marshmallow depositing/extruding

    As different marshmallow shape, there two method for marshmallow forming, depositing and extruding. can be single color and multi color.

    Marshmallow production line 4


    The marshmallow formed above on the starch and cooling on the conveyor at stable speed for Curing.

    Marshmallow production line 5

    Marshmallow/Starch separate

    After cooling, the filter will separate starch with marshmallow. The marshmallow will come out for dry.

    Marshmallow production line 6

    Starch recycle

    Starch filtrated and recycle to collect tank for reuse in next batch.

    Marshmallow production line 7


    Automatic dry system can be optional, 15 layers dry conveyor with hot dryer each layer can enhance the dry effect and short the time.

    Marshmallow production line 8