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    Gummy candy, It also called jelly candy,soft gel gummy candy is also known as soft candy, is a soft and slightly elastic gelatinous candy. The main ingredient is gelatin. Later, pectin and carrageenan were gradually developed and they were mostly translucent.

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    This type of candy originated from the gummy bears in Germany.

    Now it’s not only popular in sweets and snacks but also became popular in pharmacy and pet industry, by add some new materials such as vitamin and CBD

    What kind of gummies our machine can make?


    Technology :

    Capacity (Pcs/hour)36000-84000pcs/h
    Depositing speed(times/min)15-35
    Machine length18m
    Air cooler15PH

    What are the advantage of QHG-300:

    All machine made of SUS304, Electric with UL certificate

    Can make single/double color,even center filling gummy.

    Unique Color flavor and acid adding system for adding:vitamin CBD, THC, etc….

    Servo depositing make more accurate

    controlled by PLC programming system for different language.

    Cooling tunnel integrate with air cooler

    1. shapes bending and waterproof sandblasting coating for longer use-age

    Cleaning function and drain pipes for easy operation

    Part 1. Syrup cooking system

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    Syrup cooker

    The syrup boiling with strie required before make gummy. There two heating methods (steam heating and electric heating) for your choose.

    Homogenizer can be equipped if make the high quality pectin gummy.

    The boiling temperature can be controlled.

    Cooker inside with clean ball for easy clean.

    There is a pneumatic plug at the bottom of the pot to prevent the syrup from leaking

    Storage tank

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    After syrup boiled and before depositing.there is a storage tank here for syrup storage and temperature holding.

    The stir as well as demand to keep syrup fluidity.

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    Color and flavor mixing

    As for big capacity we suggest use a transfer pump and double jacket pipes to transfer the syrup and protect the syrup in warm&ready production temperature in case it get cool & blocked.

    Color and flavor mixing

    There two methods for color/flavor online mixing:


    Dynamic mixing:Small capacity and meticulous control on digital display screen.dynamic mixer is more uniform,Inline mixer for dubbed and better mixing.

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    Static mixing:Static mixing is suitable for large-capacity gummy candy production. The flavor and color are quantitatively mixed with syrup evenly by dosing pump, and the efficiency is very high.


    Part 2. Gummy forming of gummy machine

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    How many pcs gummy our gummy machine can make per hour?

    Capacity (pcs/hour)36,00042,00084,000126,000216,000403,200
    Depositing speed


    Machine length11m17m18m18m18m24m

    Gummy depositing of gummy machine

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    The syrup will inject into the hopper of depositing machine,the hopper temperature can be controlled.the servo motor will running to drive the molds on the chain,then the depositor will depositing quantitative syrup in the molds. The depositing speed can be controlled by PLC touch screen.

    Gummy cooling of gummies machine

    gummy bear making machine

    syrup after depositing go through cooling tunnel to make the gummy cooling down and forming.The cooling tunnel is equipped with an air cooler, and the size of the air cooler is selected according to the gummies capacity,

    De-mold of gummies machine

    THC gummy production machine 1 THC gummy production machine 2

    After cooling serve minute the gummy will go back to the demould system, the demould plate will press the thimble under mould and these are brushes that are in constant movement in a bid to brush off excess debris.the gummy will out and transfer to the trays at the end of machine by no-sticks PU conveyor belt.

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    There still have the the process of gummy oil/sugar coating if you need.

    Part 3. Drying of gummies machine

    Gummy machinegummy bear machine

    All soft candies have a process-drying. The water content of the newly produced soft candies is 18%. In order to extend the shelf life of the soft candies, there will be a drying process and then reduce the water content to a constant temperature and humidity environment. Less than 13%.

    Different types of gummy candy have different requirements for the temperature and humidity of the drying room,Usually pectin gummy need to be dried at a low temperature with about 8-12 hours. Carrageenan needs to be dried at a high temperature for 12-24 hours.

    Learning How Gummy Making Machine Running


    More Specifications for Gummy Machine

    What’s the capacity of gummy machine you want?

    What’s the gummy shape and size you want?

    Which gum base you use? pectin, gelatin or carrageenan?

    Level of automation which can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic gummy making machine.

    Power specifications including the right power rating for operating the gummy making machine.

    Which heating ? Electric heating or steam heating?

    Pressure requirements of your custom gummy making machine.

    Dimensions of the gummy making machine in terms of size and weight among other key dimensions.

    How to Maintain Gummy Machine

    Step One: Disconnecting the Machine1

    The structure of our machine are sample to disconnecting.

    Step Two: Disassembling the Machine

    Every parts of machine have number marked,convenient for assemble

    Step Three: Cleaning the Gummy Making Machine

    Advance design make the machine apply for CIP clean

    Step Four: Replacing Worn-Out Parts

    We support all worn-out parts when you need it.

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    Shanghai QHBake Machine Co.Ltd, the large bakery machine manufacturer located in Shanghai China Since 1980. the company has more than 40 years of machine manufacturing history.The longest professional development, the earliest market management, the highest degree of integration, the country’s largest food machine production factory.


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    High Quality Machines

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    All machine use SUS304 and sanblasting surface coating handling

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    We have cooperate with the authoritative scientific research institute

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    Technology support

    12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers,

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    Detail documents

    The details manual and video introduction are both provide,All important documents also.


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    We can provide you with the turnkey solution ,to help you solve all process from plan to install,

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    Annual maintenance

    We offer the annual maintenance for our customers to make sure machine running well and no trouble for customer.

    Confirm Machine Quality Standards and Certifications

    Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality standards and certifications

    International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards and certifications

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards and certifications

    We not only have CE electrical quality standards and certifications,but also UL Certification(US)

    Gummy machine

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