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    Rotary molder for hard biscuit forming,Designed for cutting the dough to forming the shape and patterns of hard biscuit.

    Hard Biscuit Rotary Cutter
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      Conveyor Belt
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    The mold has a dough block of specified size, shape and pattern in order to ensure the fine processing of the dough, the retention of its structure and the continuous production of dough strips.
    The extrude rolls, depending on the dough used, can be smooth or corrugated.
    Quick change of the forming rotor when changing the manufactured product.
    The speed of the rolls is controlled by a frequency converter and is regulated within wide limits.
    The design provides easy integration into existing lines.
    Stable sizes and work piece quality due to the use of pneumatic clamping of the rotor and dough ribbon.
    The conveyor belt consists of carbon steel frame. Stainless steel sliding surfaces and tow rubber roller. Inlet and outlet are equipped with reduced diameter nose that allow a better passage of the dough sheet. Automatic control of the speed of conveyor through electric panel of the lamination line.


    • Mold center distance align device;
    • Individual digital display for two rotary rollers;
    • The forming pressure structure is driven by the motor which can be adjusted at will. Easy operation and reliable demoulding;
    • It adopts a helical gear reducer as a power and synchronous belt transmission. Stable transmission, small vibration and low noise;
    • The high degree of automation by electrical control;
    • The conveyor belt-automatically tension-ed and adjusted;
    • Remaining material recovery device;