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    QHBake Gummy Machinery is the earliest confectionery machine manufacturer in China. through more than 20 years continuous improvement have great brand on the world, In order to help customers produce more healthy gummy better, Which QHBake have major breakthrough in technology development.

    QHBake Gummy Machinery pay attention on the machine structure and higher standard, adopt whole SUS304 / SUS316 for machine frame manufacture, abandon the traditional slider and chain drive depositing. Instead, it’s more precise directly servo function.

    QHBake Gummy Machinery can provide you multi-functional machine for the production various of gummies at same machine, including single color / double color / center filling. The gummy shape can be changed by different mold. Gummy volume controlled by program.

    QHBake Gummy Machinery offer you whole technology support and formula support, the best service give to you for enjoy the turn-key solution.

    Gummy Production Machine


    QHBake machine is the largest gummy machine manufacturer located in Shanghai China, our factory supply all model gummy production machine from lab to commercial as your requirement. The high efficient equipment capacity from 40kg to 1500kg per hour you’re wroth it.

    Main part has automatic cook system , syrup insulation system , demold oil sprayer, servo depositing system, cooling tunnel with chiller, demold system, gummy transport system, gummy lifting machine, oil/sugar tumbler, dry room.

    Different model QH-80 , QH-150, QH-300, QH-600, QH-1500 for you optional as your real demand, so get in touch with us for free for more conversation.

    Specification of gummy machinery

    ModelCapacityDimension (L – W – H)Power (kw)Compress airVoltage
    QH-20A12000 pcs /h1200 – 800 – 1800 mm5.5kw0.5Mpa220/480
    QH-8030000 pcs /h10000 – 1200 – 2400 mm36kw0.5Mpa220/480
    QH-15042000 pcs /h17000 – 1200 – 2400 mm42kw0.5Mpa220/480
    QH-30084000 pcs /h18000 – 1500 – 2400 mm75kw0.6Mpa220/480
    QH-600168000 pcs /h28000 – 7000 – 4200 mm97kw0.8Mpa220/480
    QH-1500384000 pcs /h 32000 – 7000 – 4200 mm115kw0.8Mpa220/480

    Feature of gummy machinery

    1. Manifold plate made of stainless steel reach lead free
    2. Slide guide used for depositing more quickly,Compared to plastic wear less easily, the residue does not fall into the candy.
    3. All detail parts handle surface coated with waterproof sandblasting coating again, it will be not easy be scratched for longer using life.
    4. Stainless steel quick-change type chain for easy installation
    5. SUS304 frame waterproof sandblast
    6. Wider die-mold plate will not damage easily with the molds, keep mold longer life
    7. Full set of PLC system, and distance control system.PLC Siemens brand
    8. Quick change type mold to save time for install and unload
    9. No-stick PU conveyor belt
    10. More reasonable waste water discharge system
    11. More effective AHU system inside Cooling system and presetting and fix with the cooling tunnel for easy install
    12. Freon use 134A/410A for US or EU market
    13. All accessories/part with mark and stock system for Parts replacement and repair
    14. All electric components with mark convenient for replacement and repair.

    Machine layout. (Final proposal as floor dimension and capacity required)

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    Process of pectin gummy making

    A: Pectin/sugar/glouse syrup/water (Temperature reach 110 degree) ,batch boiling and mixing.

    C: Boiled syrup in A transfer into storage tank C (Hot water jacked holding,70-90 degree cycle whole pipeline)

    D:Micro-ilmn vacuum cooker with two system,the one is hot temperature boiling again to evaporating the water content of syrup, another one forvacuum handle for extract bubbles from the syrup

    F: Final syrup mixed with CFA system(Color/flavor/acid/micro/Vitamins) then into hopper of depositing system

    G: Automatic gummy depositing /cooling/demold/final gummy transfer

    Automatic Konjac Pearl Making Machine For Sales – Supplier & Manufacuture



    200kg/h 丨400kg/h丨600kg/h丨800kg/h 丨1200Kg/h

    Machine length

    3.5m丨3.5m 丨5.5m丨5.5m丨6m

    Automatic Lollipop Production Line For Sale – Candy Machine Factory

    QH-150丨QH-300 丨QH-450丨QH-600丨QH1200

    Production Capacity(kg/h)

    150 丨300丨450丨600 丨1200-2000

    Depositing Speed(n/min)


    Working Condition

    Humidity 55%

    Buy Popping Boba Machine | QHP-200 Full Automatic Popping Boba Line

    QHP-200, QHP-400

    Capacity (kg/hour)

    200KG/H, 400KG/H


    80kw, 98.8kw

    Machine length

    12m, 14m

    Process of gelatin gummy making

    A: Sugar/glouse, syrup/water(Temperature reach 108 degree) ,batch boiling and mixing.

    B: Boiled syrup in A transferinto cooling tank b, after tem down to 80-85 degree, put already gelatin liquid mixing

    C:Then syup into C for storage from B, C storage tank(lHot water jacked holding,70-90 degree oycle whole pipeline) also can equipped the vacuumfunction.

    D:Micro-film vacuum cooker with two system,(Gelatin gummy can’t use this system, hot tem will destroy the essence of gelatin )

    F: Finalsyrup mixed with CFAsystem (Color/flavor/acid/micro/Vitamins) then into hopper of depositing system

    G: Automatic gummy depositing/cooling/demold/finalgummy transfer

    Cooking system(A/B/C) Controlled by singe PID

    Micro-film vacuum system controlled by single program in touch screen.Depositing system with cooling controlled by single program in touch screen.

    Different gummy manufactured by our machine.

    What the machine consist of? How to help you production the gummies?

    Kitchen system (Ingredient boiling parts)

    Insulation syrup cooker


    Its the important parts in the gummy production line also the first step, stuff put the prepared raw material into cooker, set the suitable temperature until the ingredient achieve to specific temperature

    Buy Automatic Biscuit Production Line – Industrial Biscuit Machine

    QH-280丨QH-400 丨QH-600丨QH-800丨QH-1000 丨QH-1200

    Production Capacity(kg/h)

    100 丨 250丨500 丨750丨1000 丨1250

    Total Length(mm)


    Baking temp(℃)

    190-240 丨190-240丨190-240丨190-240 丨190-240丨190-240

    Buy Dough Feeder for Hard Biscuit Cracker Biscuit Factory
    Sheeting thickness






    Hard Biscuit Rotary Cutter | Hard Biscuit Machinery For Sale






    Roll cutting specifications

    200*630 丨200*830丨200*1030丨200*1230丨200*1530


    1.8 丨2.0丨2.2丨2.5丨3.0

    Working temperature


    Laminator for hard dough for sale – Buy Laminator Online


    Laminated width(mm)


    Laminated layers


    Tablet thickness

    QH1200丨QH1000丨QH600 :0-10




    QH1200:8丨QH1000:7.5 丨QH600Q:7.0




    0-50 Degree

    Storage tank


    In order to coordinate the syrup boil and depositing system, there will be required a storage tank.The smooth mirror process allows the syrup to be evenly stirred inside. Clean ball connect the If customer want production both pectin and gelatin base gummy, need one more cooling tank behind of storage tank.

    Transfer pump

    The lobe pump work on between cooker and tank, tank and depositing system for syrup transfer, VDP control can modify the syrup flow speed. Adopt on between kitchen system and depositing hopper

    1. CAM rotor pump high efficiency, greatly reducing the cost of electricity.
    2. Closed cavity vacuum ensure pollution-free, improve the efficiency of transmission, extended the pump life.
    3. Wear resistance, as well as corrosion resistance is very good, easy to maintain.

    Transfer pipeline and valves



    All the pipeline are laser cut and argon arc welded. Ensure that the syrup delivery in sanity environment, whole system are temperature holding.

    We build whole cooker and tank on single frame made of SUS304 round pipeline, single structure equipped the single control cabinet for convenient to operate the kitchen system.

    QHBake machinery use ball valves to change the syrup transfer direction. The ball is rotated 90° around the axis of the valve stem to realize the purpose of opening and closing.In a wide range of pressure and temperature, can achieve complete sealing.

    CFA system (For color/flavor/acid add)


    The vertical dynamic mixing system is our new design place on kitchen system, as different flavor install different amount pigment , dosing pump Quantitative transfer of a certain amount of color and flavor. achieve syrup mixing quickly, inside screw structure make the mix more uniform.


    Depositing system with cooling tunnel


    1669267124115 1669261192084

    Oil spraying system


    Ensure gummy not sticks on the mold,the oil spraying system will inject into gummy mold quantitative control by solenoid, the inject volume can be controlled by the sprayer adjust. (Rotate the screw)

    If the nozzles not alignment to the mold, though remove the position of sprayer system by side screw.

    Transparent hose for oil enter, the blue one for compress air supply.

    Depositing system


    QHBake machinery whole machine made of SUS304 / SUS 316, fully weld with sandblasted optional.adopt the latest direct servo depositing more powerful and stronger, abandon the chain drive system. high efficient and stable performance can reach 40 depositing per minute, which can production different type gummy at one machine including single color / double color at same time, center filling. The depositing volume can be controlled on touch screen to adjust the gummy size.


    QHBake machinery get information from US customer that most of gummy production from Chinese’s machine have serious problem on excess lead. So our technician department have some discussion for that and found the solution. We also have provide many GMPs machine for customer to manufacture the healthy gummy and have good reputation around North American Market.


    Protect the dust effect the gummy quality, we have design the Clamshell type obvious window covers. meanwhile Improved the machine appearance. In a sense, our innovation makes QHBake machinery different from others.

    QHBake machinery have plus the noise reduction guide cover the drive chain, It sharply reduces the noise when machine in production.

    QHBake machinery drive chain use the quick charge type for each to install and discharge the mold, so that the owner wants to quickly change the mold to produce different gummy shapes.

    Adopt modular design, easy to assemble during in the epidemic period. Single electric cabinet under depositing head, All wire have a specific code marked,

    Cooling tunnel with air chiller


    QHBake Machinery focus more on quality built, Choose to use 3mm thickness of 304 stainless steel plate cast hard cool tunnel, In order to ensure better cooling effect, the whole machine uses full welding, all door shell and door use the insulated cotton filling inside, Each door has two insulated stainless steel doorknobs.The maximum realization of the sealing of the refrigerator.


    QHBake Machinery use the air chiller as the main method of refrigeration, Compared to the cold water tower cooling method, The use method is safer, environmental protection, refrigeration effect more better, control the cooling temperature directly in PLC touch, inside cooling tunnel was equipped the TMP detector show the real-time temperature inside. automatic program control the humidity and remove internal frosting caused by prolonged cooling. There a waste-water discharge system under fans make sure perfect situation to production the healthy gummy.

    Demold system

    QHBake Machinery use the whole-plate demold plate to help gummy demold from mold. Connect the air pipeline, the demold plate will working according to the operating direction of the two side cylinders,high efficient and easy to later.

    Compare chain plate demold, the thimble of the mold will not be damaged, and the mold thimble will not be stuck in the gap between the two chain plate due to improper operation, causing damage to the entire unit, thereby affecting gummy production.

    Brushes and air knives are used as auxiliary demoulding structures, controlled by Touch screen to reach fully automatic.

    Transfer conveyor


    QHBake Machinery adopt the no-stick polyurethane conveyor belt for finished gummy transfer. Not only does it have the characteristics of ordinary conveyor belts, such as high tensile strength, good flexibility, lightness, thinness, and toughness, but it is also oil-resistant, non-toxic and hygienic, and easy to clean.

    QHBake Machinery’s conveyor belt fully complies with the US FDA hygiene standards, is wear-resistant and resistant to physical aging, and is a durable conveying belt.

    Mold mold

    We use the quick charge linked mold for convenient to change the different shape gummy production, No-stick fully Teflon coating. If you have any special logo design please reach to me we also can design the customized drawing for you.

    What electrical we are used for the machine to ensure the stable performance.

    Sugar / sanding coating machine

    The machine is designed according to the special gummy candy processing technology that after the demold make gummies cover one layer of sugar or other power to promote the taste and appearance.

    There two methods for coating according to the size of sugar granule and customer’s detail requirement.


    Oil coating machine

    The machine is designed and made out according to the special gummy candy processing technology. It is used for coating the oil /syrup/wax out side of the gummy candy before into dry room, Cover oil to prevent stick each others in the dry trays. Made the gummy appearance more bright and light.


    Whole structure are SUS304 with fully welding

    Hygiene and sanitation

    Optimum coating

    VDF control the coating speed

    Powerful also less noise

    Economical sugar usage/also recycle

    Simple maintenance

    Our workshop


    gummy machinery Production workshop



    CNC workshop



    Why Buy Machine from us – Manufacturer

    Real factory not trade company

    Shanghai QHBake Machine Co.Ltd, the large bakery machine manufacturer located in Shanghai China Since 1980. the company has more than 40 years of machine manufacturing history.The longest professional development, the earliest market management, the highest degree of integration, the country’s largest food machine production factory.


    Our factory have more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience,There are 12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere.


    Modern factory has more than 200 worker. Strict quality control system .advance Germany standard Machining CNC center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of the every machine. professional engineers team offer you the best plan according to you requirement.

    High Quality Machines

    All machine made in GMP standard factory

    We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious

    All machine use SUS304 and sanblasting surface coating handling

    Formula support

    We have cooperate with the authoritative scientific research institute to custom the special formula for you with machine ,ensure you make the best gummy with good deal.

    Technology support

    12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere. Can be video call online to guide you how the machine install and maintain

    Detail documents

    The details manual and video introduction are both provide,All important documents also.

    Quick Delivery Time

    5 workshops together, the professional worker equipment the specialized equipment can manufacture machine very sooner.

    After Sales Services

    Every engineers has passport, can be go to your factory to offer you guide and train your workers. The sales online answer you question all time. And years maintenance

    Annual maintenance

    We offer the annual maintenance for our customers to make sure machine running well and no trouble for customer.

    Question – Answer Maybe can you solve your half of questions.

    Q:What do they mean by just connect the CIP system?What should the CIP system have?

    Where/how would it be connected?

    A: CIP is an automatic acid and base cleaning system. Generally, CIP system includes 3 thermal storage tanks, acid water storage tank/alkali water storage tank/clean water storage tank, and the cleaning rate is controlled by an automatic process. The three pipes are connected directly to the cleaning ball inlet on the boiling pot through the pump.


    Q:How do they suggest the cleaning to be done? Removing all the molds and washing somewhere else or clean them on the machine?

    A:After the equipment stops working, remove them all, soak them in hot soapy water for 20 minutes, clean them with a brush, or clean them with a high-pressure water gun, and then dry them.

    Q:Is Potable water versus a drain viable? I don’t understand what we are trying to ask.

    A:The discharge pipe of the boiling and pouring machine can be directly connected with the drainage pipe, Equipment CIP acid and base water cleaning, CIP water flow from boiling into the pouring nozzle. Drying trays and molds need to be washed in hot soapy water and then dried.

    Q:Electrical diagrams

    We have the wiring diagrams of the inside of the machines but I think we need to know where the main power source is to be connected for the gummy making line?

    A:There are all electrical wiring parts on the circuit drawing with special number marked. The connect of main power will there have 15cm of three-phase wires are left inside electric cabinet for owners easy to know how to connect the wires.

    Q:Steam generator

    By going through the wiring diagrams I think they call the pre-heat station for the sugar coating steam generator? How/where the actual boiler gets attached and how does it connect to the pre-heating conveyor? What oil do they use as “conduction oil” (oil inside the kettle jacket)?

    Do we need to fill the storage tank (kettle) with water and the cooker with oil?

    A:The steam generator is a preheating system that evaporates the water inside the system at high temperature to form steam that is connected directly to the hopper on the network through pipelines, but the appearance of the soft candy will be humidified when it passes through the steam. The conveyor network chain is connected to the steam generator.

    Mineral Oil 320 Model, Add 2/3 heat transfer oil to the interlayer of the cooking pot, and 1/2 the liquid level of the visible window. Add 3/4 water to the interlayer of the storage tank, and 1/2 the liquid level of the visual window.

    Q:how long does it take for a changeover of moulds ?

    A:All molds use quick charge type will be more faster than screw type, discharge about 15-20 minutes by two workers.


    Q:do the moulds need to be washed and cleaned ? If so, how often ?

    A:Depend on your local FDA requirements, usually only after getting off work of the machine.


    Q:System % item 3 – screw system for powders – what powders are involved ?

    A:Depend on your ingredient,  it is a screw type elevator lifting and transfer the sugar/gum powder into the weight scale.


    Q:is there an issue about the gummies sticking to the mould when de-Moulding and please confirm that the de-moulding is automatic ? And how do the air knives work as covered by System 6 , item 6

    A:We have six parts to ensure the gummy is fully demold automatically.

    1. All mold surface no-stick Teflon coating.

    2. Precious oil mist system spray into the mold before syrup depositing.

    3. 16m cooling for gummy formed time

    4. Molds press system to pree the molds pin or silicone molds to demolishing, d uring this step 99% of the gummies will be demolded.

    5. Extra demold brush to brush the left gummies which sare till stuck on mold.

    6. Two air knife systems with high-pressure air to blow off the rest gummies, You can open it after the auto washing function too.


    Q:is this production line able to do 24 hour production 5 or 6 days a week continuously ?

    A:Of course, otherwise why not we call it machine


    Q:your email states that production capacity is 480,000 pieces per hour – this is based on what weight per piece ?

    A:About 3-8g


    Q:your information on your web site quotes 480,000 pieces to 600,000 pieces per hour ?

    A:Yes, the capacity depend on the gummie volume and cooling time to setting the depositing speed, And our max depositor speed is  60times/minute.


    Q:what is the required temperature and relative humidity in the production room ?

    A:Room temperature required 20-25 degree , Humidity under 45%


    Q:we are surprised by the cost of the cooling tunnel which seems to closed to 40 % of the total cost ?

    A:We didn’t list the cooling tunnel separately,the price is for the full depositing system.

    About the depositing system:

    Special pharmacy screwing depositing driven by servo motor directly more accurate.

    Easy to maintenance.

    Uninterrupted up cyclic running(up and down, front and back) at same rhythm in the set itinerary.

    Only click-driven sound,without any noise when working


    And for cooling tunnel:

    We Not only have the demolishing system; auto clean systems; 40PH cooling unit chiller unit with dehumidify function; Munti-layer cooling design;

    But also our chain wheel and roller are using different processing methods and thicknesses on the market to ensure the long-term service life of the heaves transfer system.


    About the electric parts: double jacket cabinet, with quick charge electricalconnector ,

    CE&CSA listed brand: Sew/Siemens/Schneider/AirTac/Yaskawa and so on.


    Q:can this production work for a gummy recipe where fruit juice is the biggest  ingredient . Do you see any issues ?

    A:Yes, juice can be used instead water adding but its is closely most of the customer will use concentrated juice as adding。


    Q:In System 7 , it shows 4 different options for oiling and sanding from 7.1 to 7. 4 .

    Are all 4 options required ?

    Please explain .

    A:As a optional,and 7.1&7.4 to auto adding the coating materials by automatic weighting and adding.

    The oil coating is for wax and polishing the gummy surface more bright.

    The sugar sanding machine for gummy surface coating sugar/salt power on surface.


    Q:what is the range of weight per piece ? For example ,  can the depositor do a 2 gram piece ?

    A:For the stander piston size range can produce 3-8g , if you want smaller or bigger we can customized the depositing structure for you.


    But we usually suggest each piston product size range between in 35% to having more evenly weight accuracy and speed.


    Q:please confirm that there is no set time ( curing ) required and that the gummies that come out of the cooling tunnel and into sanding or oiling and then directly into packaging without any curing time ?

    A:The gummy must be (dry) cured after cooling tunnel. Different gumbase require different drying times form 12-72 hours


    Q:how many workers are required to run the line not including packaging ?

    A:About 2-4 for kitchen, 1 for depositing system , 1-2 for final surface catting,

    2-3 for drying system transfer depend on what type of drying you are using.


    Q:one of the shapes we have is a difficult shape . Please see the picture below .Can the QH depositor do this shape ?

    A:Its like a gummy ring and warm design which we made before,but can you share me more SPC size information for reference.We also have simple service if you need .


    Get A Free Quote Of Our Biscuit & Candy Machinery

      Automatic Konjac Pearl Making Machine For Sales – Supplier & Manufacuture



      200kg/h 丨400kg/h丨600kg/h丨800kg/h 丨1200Kg/h

      Machine length

      3.5m丨3.5m 丨5.5m丨5.5m丨6m

      Automatic Lollipop Production Line For Sale – Candy Machine Factory

      QH-150丨QH-300 丨QH-450丨QH-600丨QH1200

      Production Capacity(kg/h)

      150 丨300丨450丨600 丨1200-2000

      Depositing Speed(n/min)


      Working Condition

      Humidity 55%

      Buy Automatic Biscuit Production Line – Industrial Biscuit Machine

      QH-280丨QH-400 丨QH-600丨QH-800丨QH-1000 丨QH-1200

      Production Capacity(kg/h)

      100 丨 250丨500 丨750丨1000 丨1250

      Total Length(mm)


      Baking temp(℃)

      190-240 丨190-240丨190-240丨190-240 丨190-240丨190-240

      Buy Dough Feeder for Hard Biscuit Cracker Biscuit Factory
      Sheeting thickness






      Buy Popping Boba Machine | QHP-200 Full Automatic Popping Boba Line

      QHP-200, QHP-400

      Capacity (kg/hour)

      200KG/H, 400KG/H


      80kw, 98.8kw

      Machine length

      12m, 14m

      CBD Gummy Machine & Buy Commercial Industrial Candy Manufacturing Equipment


      Capacity (kg/hour)


      Depositing speed(times/min)


      Machine length




      Air cooler


      Double blades dough mixer (Vertical) For Sale – Factory & Supplier



      0.85/1.1kw/hr丨0.85/1.5kw/hr丨1.5/2.4 kw/hr丨2.2/3.3 kw/hr丨3/4.5 kw/hr丨4/7.5 kw/hr

      Mixing Speed

      123/185r/min丨114/230 r/min丨115/230 r/min丨125/250 r/min丨125/250 r/min丨125/250 r/min

      Bowl Speed

      12/24 r/min丨12/24 r/min丨10/20 r/min丨10/20 r/min丨10/20 r/min丨10/20 r/min

      Bowl capacity




      Gummy Drying Tray For Sale Factory & Manufacturer









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