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Double blades dough mixer (Vertical)

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    Double blades dough mixer (Vertical)  for hard dough mixing

    Double blades dough mixer (Vertical)
    • 25rpm
      Beater Speed
    • SUS304
      Machine material
    •   5+
      Years warranty
    • PLC
      Control By

    This mixer has double vertical spindle blades for thoroughly high mixing. The high but gentle mixing action stirs the ingredients well without high energy input at the gluten proteins stage.
    Wheeled mixing tubs are charged with ingredients, either by hand or by a semi-automatic tub filling system, it can save time at the changeover between fermentation period and different types of dough.

    1. Biscuit fermentation time 4-8H
    2, Batch size: 300/500/800kg
    3. Beater Speed: 25 rpm
    4. Simple & safe operating
    5. Timer for optimum control after the final mixing Stainless steel double vertical spindle blades
    6. Wheeled mixing tubs for repairing & time-saving
    7. Hygienic and easy to maintenance