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Automatic Lollipop Production Line

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    Automatic Lollipop Production Line For Ball Lollipop And Flat Lollipop, Single Color and Multi color for you chose.

    Automtic Lollipop Production Line

    • 46
      Production Experience
    • 5
      Years Warranty
    • 2600+
      Machine Maintenance
    • 150-2000
      Production Capacity

    The QHB series lollipop depositing line is an advantage equipment to produce lollipop. The operation is controlled by a PLC/program for vacuum cooking, feeding, and depositing. It can be an in-line injection, dosing the pre-mixing for the proportional addition of liquid colors, flavor, and acids, The line is composed of cookers, storage tanks,micro-film cookers, depositing, molds, and industry cooling tunnel. It can produce two-color striped,two-color layers, one color, and a central-filled lollipop. The line is full-automatic plant equipment with an automatic stick insertion system.


    Advantage of QHBAKE Lollipop production line

    A: Continuous microfilm cooker for hard candy syrup will be

    • More transparency and smoothness
    • Less affected by room temperature
    • Lower reducing sugar and less combustion color
    • Less moisture and longer storage shell life
    • Less cooking time and better crystal appearance
    • A precise temperature control system preserves the activity of additives.

    B: Automatically depositing line

    • New high-precision depositing with more accurate, less waste, higher yield
    • Full stainless steel and waterproof sandblasting on surface
    • Center filling, layer by layer, and double color twist functions
    • Diversity of the mold types such as flat or 2D or 3D
    • Flat(2D) & ball shape(3D) lollipop stick adding system
    • Electrical parts with international brands for longer service life
    • Warning signs of hidden parts and protection for safely using
    • Double-layer insulation temperature holding system