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    Trays introduction:

    The candy trays is the most important device during the large gummy machine production. Which will collect the finished gummies and will dry in the room room.no sticks and good ventilation with best quality.

    Made of PE material, not easily damaged for long life use

    Suit for all kinds candy and lollipop

    Full automatic cookie production line

    Machine introduce:

    QHQ Series cookie production line is the primary choice for the production of the kinds of kinds of cookies. The cookie plant equipments can be combined and displayed according to customers’ local space or cookie technical requirement.by changing the moluds and reciped,this plant is able to produce various type of high quality cookie. Such as milk cookie, single color cookie,double color cookie,filling cookie.there are diversified heating source for your operation.(electric,gas,fuel oil)

    Cookie machine 3
    Technology :

    Capacity (kg/hour)200KG/H400KG/H600KG/H800KG/H1000KG/H1500KG/H
    Total length65m65m60m85m90m110m
    Baking temperature190-240’C190-240’C190-240’C190-240’C190-240’C190-240’C
    Electric power65kw190kw300kw380kw700kw830kw
    Gross weight60001200020000280004000045000


    What the advantage of QHQ cookie production line:

    • All machine made of SUS304, Electric apply for UL certificate
    • PLC touch screen make all process easy operate
    • The Cookie extruding and depositing more accurate
    • Europe standard motor with high performance.
    • All parts and machine handle Germany standard sanblasting surface coating.
    • Different zone of oven temperature controlled separate,adjustable
    • The oven meets the national standard
    • Dish spray type fuel injection, more even
    • PU Stickless conveyor belt
    • Automatic rectification of oven mesh belt

    The process of QHQ-200 Cookie production line

    1. Dough mixing:

    automatic cookie production line 3

    Main maxing the raw material

    The control system is equipped with an independent control cabinet hung on the outer cover of the fuselage;

    In order to ensure the personal safety of the operator, a protective door is installed on the operation surface and a travel switch is installed. When the door is opened, the machine will automatically stop.

    Electrical installation and wiring are beautiful, reasonable and safe, in line with EU standards.

    The control system adopts PLC programmable touch screen control, parameter storage function module..


    1. Pour machine:

    automatic cookie production line 7

    Mainly pour the dough from the barrel of the dough mixer onto the dough conveyor.

    Use a hydraulic tipping bucket.

    Turning capacity, weight: 2000kg (barrel + powder)

    Conveyor belt step-by-step conveying, pneumatic rolling surface, PLC program control.


    1. Dough conveyor

    soft biscuit machine 2

    Main transfer the dough into the cookie forming machine

    Manual dual-roller deviation adjustment device and a set of pneumatic dual-roller deviation adjustment device; scrap scraper and material PP board are installed at the end of the conveyor belt. The driving roller is covered with white non-toxic rubber.


    1. Cookie forming machine:

    automatic cookie production line 2

    The dough will mixing in the hopper and then depositing or extruding according to the different shape.

    The feeding roller, feeding pump, and twisting nozzle are individually controlled by a servo motor.

    Up and down movement and longitudinal tracking are controlled by variable servo motor reducer and cam mechanism.

    Conveyor belt is PU food grade endless belt, double-roller pneumatic adjustment, frequency converter speed adjustment.

    The feeding roller and pump body are made of 6065 and 7050 aluminum alloy.

    The pump wheel is made of food sanitary plastic steel.

    The twisting nozzle is made of 304 stainless steel..


    1. Multi-function spreader:

    cookie making machine 1

    Main sprinkling something on the top of cookie

    The conveyor belt and the pulling roller are separately powered and frequency-converted for speed regulation.

    316 stainless steel is used for the overall frame and pallet;

    The conveyor belt is imported white PU belt.


    1. Oven inlet:

    Transfer the cookie to the oven mesh belt.

    Pneumatic deviation adjustment is adopted;

    Tensioned by its own weight.

    There is a pneumatic shrinkage mechanism at the input end, which can be operated manually to reject secondary cakes.

    When the output end is stopped, there is a pneumatic turning mechanism to turn the conveyor belt up.

    The conveyor belt is kept consistent with the grill mesh belt, electric eye tracking, left and right automatic swing, motor fine-tuning.

    Oven correction device


    1. Baking tunnel oven:


    Main baking the cookie, the temperature can be set by PLC program

    Electric oven:

    Fir infrared rays heating,or heated with gas(LPG or natural gas),rapid heating up and energy saving,

    The oven is grouped into heat control zones control zones,the top and bottom heat are independently adjustable and preset.the measured temperature and preset temperature will be displayed in digital form.

    High quality thermal insulating material is used to get good insulation and efficient fuel usage.

    Steelwork ,ducts and chambers paint with temperature(400 ‘C) silvery paint.outer cover paint with hard finish.

    Fully automatic PLC temperature control and automatic constant temperature.

    The highest temperature is 360 ‘C.

    Great control flexibility and prefect safety precaution.

    It can meet the technological requirement for production of different foods.


    1. Oven outlet:

    Main separate the baked cookie from bakery oven.

    Using back-mounted motor reducer, the speed of the mesh belt is adjustable;

    The mesh belt is tensioned by pneumatic, and the tensioning mechanism is on the loose edge;

    There is a pneumatic telescopic mechanism at the output end,

    The transition machine and the large drum are smoothly transitioned.


    1. Automation Control System:


    The whole production line can accelerate and decelerate in the same proportion from the oven to the packaging part at the same time to ensure continuous dough, improve the degree of automation and increase production efficiency. It adopts a touch screen operation interface and has a powerful formula storage function, which can store hundreds of current production formulas.

    Install each single-machine control system of the forming section into the same electric control cabinet.

    Install each single-machine control system after the furnace is released in the same electric control cabinet.

    The main control cabinet is equipped with a feed conversion mode selection switch. After the mode selection is selected, the cooling conveyor belt, the conveyor belt, the photoelectric switch, and the pneumatic components will automatically operate according to the program.

    The electrical cabinet is equipped with special air conditioner for electrical appliances.


    1. Oil sprayer:

    automatic cookie production line 1

    Main spraying the oil mist covering the cookie.make cookie looking more delicious.

    Dish-style fuel injection, 8 dishwashing dishes on top and bottom, a total of two groups: one for work and one for standby.

    Equipped with FILTERMIST high-efficiency oil fume removal treatment device imported from the UK.


    1. Cooling conveyor:

    automatic cookie production line 4

    Main for cooling the finished cookie and transportation.

    The side plate adopts 1.5mm stainless steel plate.

    It adopts pneumatic tensioning and automatic correction.

    Adopt back-mounted motor reducer

    The conveyor belt line speed is adjustable in minutes,

    Imported white PU belt.


    More RFQ about coookie machine

    What the kind of cookie you will make?

    What the shape, depositing or extruding?is there any picture for reference.

    What capacity you need make in one hour?

    Level of automation,semi-automatic or fully automatic machine?

    What the energy power you will use for baking?

    What is your factory layout?


    Why Buy Machine from us – Manufacturer

    1. Real factory not trade company
    2. Professional

    Our factory have more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience,There are 12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere.

    1. Reliability

    Modern factory has more than 200 worker. Strict quality control system .advance Germany standard Machining CNC center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of the every machine. professional engineers team offer you the best plan according to you requirement.

    1. High Quality Machines

    All machine made in GMP standard factory

    We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious

    All machine use SUS304 and sanblasting surface coating handling


    Our Machine Quality Standards and Certifications

    Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality standards and certifications

    International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards and certifications

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards and certifications

    We not only have CE electrical quality standards and certifications,but also UL Certification(US)

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    Maximizing your return on investment means selecting the right machine that will match your facility’s size, scope of work, and projected growth. You do not want a unit too large or too small for current and future operations. In most cases, it is always better to purchase one with the potential to scale your production to meet all levels of customer demand.

    To aid manufacturers in providing the highest product quality possible, Shanghai QHBake Machine Group offers a wide variety of equipment options to suit your facility’s needs and your company’s operations. If you want to add cookie production to your offerings, replace your existing equipment, or want to discuss anything else related to biscuit machines, contact us anytime.