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    Buy automatic biscuit production line for hard and soft biscuit Large output can reach 1500kg/h. Biscuit forming stable ,accurate baking temperature,All process controlled by PLC for easy operation.


    Advantage of QHBake biscuit production Line

    • Multi-function for kind of biscuit production
    • Oven: Rock wool for insulation, GMP standard
    •  Alloy roller stronger
    • Baking temperature accurately, adjustable.
    • Stainless steel oven mesh
    • Automatic process recording function
    • Exterior without sharp angles
    • Waterproof sandblasting coating surface
    • Energy-saving, annual maintenance

    QH series biscuit production line is the primary choice for the production of kinds of hard and soft biscuits. The biscuit plant equipment can be combined and displayed according to the customer’s local space or biscuit technical requirements.

    By changing the molds and recipes, this planet is able to produce various types of high-quality biscuits. such as cream biscuit, sandwiching biscuit, soda cracker biscuit, animal biscuit, vegetable biscuit, etc. There are the diversified heating source for your operation(Electric, gas, fuel oil)

    Baking ovens

    Automatic baking tunnel oven usually has three main types:
    Gas ovens ,Electrical ovens and Hot air circulation ovens depend on the natural resources of different needs and countries. 

    Electrical oven-Far infrared heating

    The working principle is by the far-infrared heating element their arrangement and control make the heating uniform, there is an exhaust system to collect the steam and exhaust.

    Gas oven-Direct Fired Oven

    The working principle is gas ribbon burners fitted directly into the baking chamber. Various burner types make it possible to make a unique baking profile for every product.
    The burner controls are split in top and bottom heat and in more zones.

    Hot air circulation oven– Convection (indirect) type

    The working principle is indirect air impingement and optimization of the well-known convection principle. The heat from the gas burner is exchanged in the heat exchange above the baking chamber. The baking air is not mixed with the combustion air. Direct Impingement ovens are also available, where combustion air is circulated in the baking chamber.

    Top sale biscuit in the market

                      Hard biscuit                                    Soft biscuit                                   Soda cracker biscuit
                    Sandwich biscuit                   Chocolate enrobing biscuit                   Walnut cake biscuit 
                       Jam filling biscuit                               Finger biscuit                                     Pilot biscuit