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    Buy Commercial Industrial Gummy Making Machine & Manufacturing Equipment! Welcome to visit our factory if you would like to see our gummy bear production line.

    Industrial Gummy Making Machine introduction

    With the development of the gummy market, more and more people are ready to enter this industry.

    This supermini auto gummy machine (QH-80s) is the latest equipment developed by us, is not only structure in size, but also large in output. It is the better choice for investors with a low budget.

    Mostly for Laboratory for big Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and for production for Cannabis Dispensary and CBD customers.

    80 gummy line..
    Gummy making machine production line

    All machines made of SUS304, Electric with UL certificate, GMP standard


    What is the advantage of Our Commerical Gummy Making Machine

    • Can make single/double color, even center filling gummy.
    • Unique Color flavor and acid adding system for adding: vitamin CBD, THC, etc…
    • Servo depositing make more accurate
    • controlled by a PLC programming system for different languages.
    • Cooling tunnel integrate with air cooler
    • shapes bending and waterproof sandblasting coating for longer use-age
    • Cleaning function and drain pipes for easy operation
    • Save lab space whole line just 4m length

    The process of QH-80s Gummy Manufacturing Machine line

    Syrup cooking: For syrup boiling and cooling

    Gummy making machine 5
    Gummy candy production line

    Syrup storage: For syrup storage

    Gummy making machine 4
    CBD gummy production line price

    Syrup transfer: transfer the syrup to the next equipment

    Gummy machine 4
    Gummy depositing machine

    Gummy depositing

    Gummy making machine 1
    Gummy depsoiting machine


    Gummy making machine 2
    Machine for gummy making


    Gummy making machine 3
    Vitamins gummy making machine

    Conveying: The conveyor under demold plate will transfer the finished to dry trays

    Gummy production line
    Gummy machine for conveyor

    Dry: The pectin gummy will dry in Constant temperature, constant pressure, and humidity room. then package after this process.


    Our Machine Quality Standards and Certifications

    • Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality standards and certifications
    • International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards and certifications
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards and certifications
    • We not only have CE electrical quality standards and certifications, but also UL Certification(US)

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