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Hoe wordt Gummy Candy in de fabriek gemaakt?

How is gummy candy manufactured in a factory? Here’s a brief explanation of the process, including its main ingredients and sensory characteristics. The first step is pumping the gummy candy batch into a starch molding machine known as a Mogul. This machine has multiple functions and is responsible for the entire manufacturing process. The first task of the Mogul is to cool trays of gummy candy ingredients. The trays then pass through a conveyor belt into the final assembly called a starch buck. After a buck has been formed, the candy pieces move through a sieve, a metal screen that filters out excess starch. Once cooled, the pieces of candy move along the conveyor belt for decoration. Finally, they are packaged in a specified package.

Haribo gummy candy

The company produces gummy bears at 16 production sites in ten countries, employing 7,000 people. Haribo gummy candy is manufactured under FSSC 22000 standards and is considered safe for children. Although most of Haribo’s products contain pork or beef gelatine, those who are vegetarian should skip these. For more information on Haribo gummy bear manufacturing, visit the company’s website.

The company plans to open its first North American manufacturing plant in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, in 2023. It hopes to begin production in 2023, with local employment at around 450 full-time jobs. Another 44 full-time employees will work in the warehouse, and a further 20 will work part-time in the candy’s distribution. The company is making the decision to build a new factory in Wisconsin as a way to expand its reach to American consumers.


The composition of a gummy candy is usually made up of a mixture of gelatin, sugar, glucose syrup, water, and various flavors. Those who prefer a sugar-free gummy candy can substitute the natural flavors with artificial ones. Artificial flavors are chemical compounds made from aromatic substances. They include methyl anthranilate, ethyl caproate, and propylene glycol. In addition, acidic substances are added to the mixtures to give them their distinctive flavor.

To make gummy candies, the functional ingredients are first dissolved in a liquid medium, which can be water, oil, or an artificial solution. The mixture is then demolded and packaged. Then, a novel dilution is added to the mixture before it gelifies. This is done at a temperature below the desired level. The resulting mixture is then dried and packaged. The resulting gummy candy can be shaped into any shape or color.


The Manufacturing process of gummy candy begins with pharmaceutical compounding, a step that takes at least an hour. Workers pour the correct amount of raw materials into the main mixing tanks, which are large vessels with heating and cooling capabilities. After the mixing stage, a batch is sent to the Quality Control lab for quality control testing. It’s during this step that the candy is inspected to ensure that the ingredients are of a high enough quality to meet the company’s requirements.

After the batch has passed QC testing, it is transferred to a starch molding machine, known as a Mogul. The Mogul is a machine that performs multiple tasks for making gummy candy. The main component of a Mogul is starch, which is used to prevent the candy from sticking to the molds. This starch also absorbs moisture from the candy during the drying process, enabling the candy to maintain its shape and taste.

Sensory characteristics

A gummy candy is defined by its sensory characteristics. These include color, flavor, texture, and appearance. Quality control technicians check each of these qualities against a standard. Sensory panels assess each gummy bear’s sensory qualities and ensure that the final product meets consumer expectations. If it passes all the tests, the gummy candy can be considered as ready for sale. To ensure that the final product meets all the requirements, a gummy candy manufacturing facility has a quality assurance lab.

The pH value of the candies was also measured. They were found to have a pH value of 3.35 to 3.39, which is considered acceptable. This value is higher than the hedonic scale and was greater than 3.5 for honey jelly candies. Further, the sugar content of the candies was not a significant factor in the sensory qualities of the candies. These results highlight that gummy candy manufacturers should use appropriate sugar levels and a pH meter when manufacturing their products.


Safety is the first consideration for gummy candy manufacturers. In some cases, starch-based systems pose combustion hazards. In addition, new moguls sold in the European Union must comply with stringent ATEX certification codes. Companies in North America must also adhere to stricter standards. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve safety in a gummy candy factory. Here are a few of them.

First, the ingredients used in gummy candy manufacturing have specific pharmaceutical properties. These substances have not been added to gummy candy before. This is a novel feature of this invention, and the technical elements used to make them have some significance to an ordinary person skilled in the art. Gummy candy is manufactured using a mass prepared by mixing glucose syrup, sugar, water, and gelatin, and flavorings. These ingredients can interfere with the organoleptic properties of gummy candy, such as its pH level.

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