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How to Make Hard Biscuits? Beginners’ Guide

How to Make Hard Biscuits? Beginners' Guide

Regardless of what you call it by its name, people all around the world enjoy eating this versatile food item. Biscuits are not only easy to carry but also super-tasty, especially if they home-baked. Moreover, you can make biscuits by various methods. Not only there are endless flavors to choose from, but also countless shapes and sizes.

However, you will notice that few people like to eat hard biscuits, while some of them like soft biscuits.

How to Bake Hard Biscuits?

For this purpose, you need to bake them in a preheated oven of 350-500F.

Additionally, you can bake the biscuits for more minutes.

How to Make Hard Biscuits? Beginners' Guide

However, if you are wondering why your biscuits are turning soft and chewy, then the problem lies with your oven.

This is because, if the oven is not powerful, it results in baking softer biscuits. Follow the below instructions to bake your biscuits hard.

  • Alter the Recipes – For making biscuits, you need to change the recipes if your biscuits are turning soft. The critical importance of making hard biscuits is that you need to check the quantity of flour you are using for baking. This is why you need to add more flour to add crunchiness to your biscuits. However, avoid using too much flour—otherwise, you could break your jawbones. You also need to add less sugar to the flour, because adding more sugar makes the biscuits softer. Furthermore, sugar contains fat and this is why softness and chewiness depend upon the amount of sugar you are adding into the flour. Lastly, you need to consider lowering down the number of moist ingredients that make your biscuits crunchy upon chewing.
  • Baking Equipment – Apart from altering the recipes, you need to consider checking the baking equipment you are using. Moreover, it is better to use aluminum baking trays. The reason for softer cookies is because your baking tray is an insulated one.
  • Lower the Temperature – To make hard biscuits, you need to bring down the baking temperature lower than what’s provided in the instruction manual. Additionally, you also need to allow the biscuits to bake for a longer time. This will offer enough time for the biscuits to heat along with reducing the softness in the dough.
  • Use White Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar – The reason for this is that brown sugar tends to hold more moisture rather than white sugar.
  • Add More Flour – Increasing the amount of flour in the dough will make the biscuits more firm. Moreover, you also need to use all-purpose flour that contains more protein. This additional protein enables making the biscuits hard.


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