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A gummy bear is made up of a slurry which is transferred through heated pipes. It then arrives at the depositor where the exact amount of mixture is deposited into the teflon-coated molds. During the cooling process, the mixture takes on the form of a solid. Gummies are then released from the cooling tunnel and transported to drying trays. The final steps in the manufacturing process are coating and quality control.


To make vitamin gummies, manufacturers use gelatine and a variety of other ingredients to form a gel. The vitamins are raffred at temperatures of 65°F, then placed in molds and allowed to set for up to 26 hours. Finally, the gummies are packaged in large bottles to protect them from light. The process also involves several steps to ensure quality. Vitamin gummies are made with the highest quality ingredients.


Agar-agar is a natural product derived from red algae. It is a flavorless, texture-improving substitute for gelatin. It is soluble in hot water and settles after about an hour at room temperature. Agar is very suitable for vitamin gummies. It can be substituted for gelatin in recipes without major reformulation. Agar-agar is a very versatile material for many applications, and its use in the food industry is endless.

Sugar substitutes

Despite being sugar-free, many vitamin gummies contain a high amount of added sugars. Most popular gummy multivitamins have three grams or more of sugar in each gummy, which adds up to a lot of calories. This added sugar contributes to overeating, since the small intestine is where most of the absorption takes place. To reduce added sugars, manufacturers use sugar alcohols, which are listed under total carbohydrates on the label.


A natural sour taste is achieved by blending different acids with sweeteners, such as citric acid. By doing this, the resulting gummy candy will have a basic sour taste. Malic acid, on the other hand, stabilizes gummy candy by minimizing changes in its sucrose composition. The objective of vitamin gummy manufacturing is to produce an enduring chewy candy that is fun to eat, regardless of age. The combination of malic and citric acids is an effective way to achieve this.

Vegan jel

If you’re sick of taking a variety of vitamins and minerals with your meals, a Vegan vitamin gummy manufactured in factory may be just the thing to help you fight off the flu and colds. Made from gelatin-free, natural sweeteners, vegan vitamin gummies contain no artificial flavours or high-fructose corn syrup. Vegan gummy bears are also naturally vitamin-rich and don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup, fillers, or other ingredients that can make them less desirable.


The main source of pectin is citrus peel and sugar beet, but there are many sources for the plant-based gelling agent. Pectin from apples and sugar beet is slightly darker in color and has different uses. The texture and eating experience of pectin-based gummies are quite different from those of gelatin. In addition, pectin-based gummies are often low in sugar and may have a slightly softer body than those made with gelatin.

Prater lump breakers

The manufacturing process of a Prater lump breaker is based on the use of rails to facilitate clean-up. This design improves product flow and reduces product agglomeration. This machine is also hygienic and offers various features, such as a direct coupled drive and easy to replace rotating blades. It can process an impressive array of materials. This article will describe how the Prater lump breakers are manufactured in the factory.

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