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비건 젤리는 공장에서 어떻게 만들어지나요?

Unlike traditional gelatin gummies, vegan gummies contain no gelatin. Instead, they contain pectin, an ingredient that provides flavor. Other ingredients found in vegan gummies include IFF, a flavorless gelatin substitute, and Carnauba wax. These additives have a variety of uses, including adding flavor and texture, but they are not essential to the creation of vegan gummies.

IFF is a pectin provider

The trend toward reduced sugar, fiber-fortified, and plant-based options is making confectioners scramble to find ingredients that satisfy the clean-label requirements of health-conscious consumers. Pectin has emerged as a viable replacement for gelatin and has become the ingredient of choice for vegan confectioners. Pectin is a soluble fiber and is a “must watch” ingredient in the food and beverage industry.

Vegums are a vegan gummy bear

Vegums are a popular brand of plant-based gummy bears, and their multivitamins and berry flavor are formulated by pharmacists. Vegums are naturally low in sugar and contain no animal-derived ingredients. Instead, they use natural colors and flavors, and natural cane sugar to make them sweet. This allows consumers to feel good about their choices while still getting a high-quality product.

Carnauba wax

Although carnauba wax is not toxic, it should be avoided by those with allergies. In addition to its use in candy manufacturing, it is used in a wide range of industrial products, such as pharmaceuticals and instant dessert toppings. The chemical is associated with a host of negative health effects, as well as negative environmental impacts. For these reasons, it’s important to look for vegan gummies that do not contain this ingredient.

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In the manufacturing of gummy bears, a chemical called beeswax is used. Beeswax is flexible and hydrophobic, making it a good choice for coatings in gummy sweets. It is also commonly used to coat dietary supplements for cattle. The color and shine that beeswax imparts to gummies is also due to beeswax. In contrast, Astro space bears are made of corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, natural and artificial flavors, FD&C Red #40, vegetable oil, and carnuba wax.

Refined sugar

The ingredients in vegan gummies manufactured in a factory often include gelatin, a byproduct of the meat industry. This substance is often replaced by alternatives such as fruit peel or seaweed. These ingredients add shine and prevent the gummies from sticking together. Beeswax, otherwise known as Cera alba, is also used in vegan gummies. Bees produce beeswax to protect their young and store honey.

pH-triggered mechanism of vegan gummies

High-ester pectin, gelatin, and seaweed extracts rely on a pH-triggered mechanism to form gummies. However, they should be added to the gel near the depositing step, in order to preserve the pH balance of the final gummy. This way, producers can reduce processing time, while preserving flavor and nutritional content of the gummy.

Vegums are enriched with vitamins B12 and D3

There are many benefits of consuming foods enriched with vitamin D and B12 for vegetarians and vegans. Vitamin D helps the body maintain healthy bones, supports the immune system, and reduces inflammation. It is also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” as it is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. Animal sources of vitamin D are the most common, although some plants and mushrooms contain small amounts. According to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), we need to consume 2.4 micrograms of vitamin D daily. This can be hard to achieve, but some vegan gummies do contain a small amount of vitamin D.

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    자동 곤약 진주 제조 기계 판매 – 공급 업체 및 제조

    QH-200K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-1000K

    생산 능력

    200kg / h 丨 400kg / h 丨 600kg / h 丨 800kg / h 丨 1200Kg / h

    기계 길이

    3.5m 丨 3.5m 丨 5.5m 丨 5.5m 丨 6m

    판매용 자동 롤리팝 생산 라인 - 사탕 기계 공장

    QH-150 丨 QH-300 丨 QH-450 丨 QH-600 丨 QH1200

    생산 능력 (kg / h)

    150 만 300 만 450 만 600 만 1200 ~ 2000 년

    입금 속도 (n / min)


    작업 조건

    온도 : 20-25 ° C
    습도 55%

    자동 비스킷 생산 라인 구매 – 산업용 비스킷 기계

    QH-280 丨 QH-400 丨 QH-600 丨 QH-800 丨 QH-1000 丨 QH-1200

    생산 능력 (kg / h)

    100 丨 250 丨 500 丨 750 丨 1000 丨 1250

    총 길이 (mm)

    29600 丨 64500 丨 85500 丨 92500 丨 125000 丨 125000

    소성 온도 (℃)

    190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240

    하드 비스킷 크래커 비스킷 공장용 반죽 피더 구매
    판금 두께

    조절할 수 있는

    전력 (kW)


    속도 (m / min)

    1.2-1.9m / 분

    터지는 보바 머신 구매 | QHP-200 전자동 팝핑 보바 라인

    QHP-200, QHP-400

    용량 (kg / 시간)

    200KG/H, 400KG/H

    전기 같은

    80kw, 98.8kw

    기계 길이

    12m, 14m

    CBD 거미 기계 및 상업용 산업용 캔디 제조 장비 구매


    용량 (kg / 시간)

    40kg-50kg / h

    입금 속도 (회 / 분)


    기계 길이

    4 분


    에어 쿨러


    이중 블레이드 반죽 믹서 (수직) 판매 – 공장 및 공급 업체

    QH-30 丨 QH-40 丨 QH-60 丨 QH-80 丨 QH-120 丨 QH-240

    0.85 / 1.1kw / hr 丨 0.85 / 1.5kw / hr 丨 1.5 / 2.4kw / hr 丨 2.2 / 3.3kw / hr 丨 3 / 4.5kw / hr 丨 4 / 7.5kw / hr

    혼합 속도

    123 / 185r / min 丨 114/230 r / min 丨 115/230 r / min 丨 125/250 r / min 丨 125/250 r / min 丨 125/250 r / min

    보울 속도

    12/24 r / min 丨 12/24 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min 丨 10/20 r / min

    그릇 용량

    34L 丨 48L 丨 68L 丨 84L 丨 122L 丨 240L


    750 * 430 * 990 丨 920 * 510 * 1050 丨 950 * 550 * 1100 丨 1050 * 600 * 1150 丨 1200 * 690 * 1330 丨 1300 * 880 * 1580

    판매용 젤리 건조 트레이 공장 및 제조업체

    PE + PP


    800 * 600 * 70mm





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