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젤리는 공장에서 어떻게 제조됩니까?

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거미 젤리는 공장에서 어떻게 제조됩니까?

What makes a gummy jelly delicious? What ingredients do gummy jelly manufacturers use? What are their processes for making it? Read on to discover the secrets of gummy jelly production. Ingredients used in the manufacturing process include gelatin, High-methoxyl pectin, sweeteners, and colourings. How is gummy jelly manufactured in a factory? You can learn more about the process of making jelly candy in our next article.


During the manufacturing process, jelly candy goes through several processes including cooking, fusing, moulding, and cooling. A factory will use a processing line to make jelly candies in different shapes and sizes. Its advanced design features include a cooking tank, a mixing tank, and a buffer tank. There are also valves, jacket pipes, and a controlling cabinet. The machine can shape and mould gummy candies according to the buyer’s specifications. In addition, it can also use a de-moulding apparatus and spray the gummy with oil once it has been moulded.

The most common method of manufacturing gummies is the classic mogul technique. The process involves depositing the hot jelly mass into a starch-based mold to cool and start the crystallization process. Once the mold is removed, the jellies and gums have to be cleaned from starch residue. Another important step is to add an anti-sticking agent to prevent the gummies from sticking to each other.

고메톡실 펙틴

High-methoxyl pectain gummy jelly is made from pectins. The pectins have seven to ten methoxyl groups on average. This means that they are less acidic, which is good for ensuring that the product is gel-like. The pH level is typically between four and 5.5. The optimum gelation pH varies depending on the pectin grade.

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The pectin is made in a factory. The mixture contains two to six grams of HM pectin and 0 to 1.0 gram of sodium citrate. Then, the mixture is mixed to form the final jelly. This process is repeated as needed until the product reaches the desired consistency. The resulting jelly is firm and gummy and tastes great.

Another benefit of using pectin instead of gelatin is its higher melting point. This means that high-methoxyl pectin gummy products are not prone to melting even in warm environments. Furthermore, they have a better flavor release profile than gelatin-based gummies. It is also good for vegan/vegetarian gummies.


To understand how sweeteners are used in gummy jelly, you must first know how they work. The composition of gummy bears depends on the sweeteners that are added to them. Various sweeteners are used to produce gummy bears with different flavor profiles. However, the added sweeteners may affect the taste of gummy bears. Moreover, they may also decrease the overall bulking ability of the jelly. To make sure that these gummies retain their properties over time, they are made with natural sweeteners.

Sugar-free gummy bears contain lycasin syrup, which is made from a natural substance called maltitol. Sugar alcohols are also used in processed food products, including gummy bears. These sweeteners are not as prevalent in gummy jelly, but they are available. They can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables and can be used in its place. However, the added sweetness may cause adverse effects when consumed in large amounts.

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To determine the best colouring for gummy jelly, researchers first tested its composition using a Konica Minolta CR-400 colourimeter in Tokyo, Japan. Using the colourimeter, the researchers were able to measure L* (lightness) values ranging from 0 to 100. Moreover, they were able to determine the colour composition of the product by using two-dimensional coordinates: a* and b* (opposed colour co-ordinates). They measured the colours on both faces of fifteen gummy jellies containing a given formulation.

The colouring of gummy jelly is influenced by the flavour and appearance of the raw materials used for its manufacture. During the manufacturing process, the raw materials are weighed and measured, and the resulting confections are assessed to ensure quality. They are then checked for colour, taste, smell, texture, viscosity, pH, and particle size. Using these measurements, manufacturers can create a product that has the qualities consumers are looking for.

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    자동 곤약 진주 제조 기계 판매 – 공급 업체 및 제조

    QH-200K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-400K 丨 QH-1000K

    생산 능력

    200kg / h 丨 400kg / h 丨 600kg / h 丨 800kg / h 丨 1200Kg / h

    기계 길이

    3.5m 丨 3.5m 丨 5.5m 丨 5.5m 丨 6m

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    150 만 300 만 450 만 600 만 1200 ~ 2000 년

    입금 속도 (n / min)


    작업 조건

    온도 : 20-25 ° C
    습도 55%

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    29600 丨 64500 丨 85500 丨 92500 丨 125000 丨 125000

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    190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240 丨 190-240

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    조절할 수 있는

    전력 (kW)


    속도 (m / min)

    1.2-1.9m / 분

    터지는 보바 머신 구매 | QHP-200 전자동 팝핑 보바 라인

    QHP-200, QHP-400

    용량 (kg / 시간)

    200KG/H, 400KG/H

    전기 같은

    80kw, 98.8kw

    기계 길이

    12m, 14m

    CBD 거미 기계 및 상업용 산업용 캔디 제조 장비 구매


    용량 (kg / 시간)

    40kg-50kg / h

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    기계 길이

    4 분


    에어 쿨러


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    그릇 용량

    34L 丨 48L 丨 68L 丨 84L 丨 122L 丨 240L


    750 * 430 * 990 丨 920 * 510 * 1050 丨 950 * 550 * 1100 丨 1050 * 600 * 1150 丨 1200 * 690 * 1330 丨 1300 * 880 * 1580

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    PE + PP


    800 * 600 * 70mm