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How is Soft Gummy Made in a Factory?

To find out how these sweets are made, you must understand the process of compounding them. This article will discuss the Compounding process, Ingredients, Equipment, and Flavorings. Once you understand this process, you can make gummies in the comfort of your own home. Interested in learning more? Keep reading! Below is a list of key steps to follow to make soft gummies at home.

Compounding process

The compounding process of soft gummies begins with the preparation of a large unit called a mogul. These units perform several functions throughout the process. The first task is to remove the prior used starch from the trays. The moguls also screen the starch to determine its quality. Next, the trays move through the mogul to a filling and mold impression section where a liquid composition is poured into the impressions of the starch.

After the mixture has been made, it is transferred to a starch molding machine, called a Mogul. This machine automatically performs multiple tasks involved in making gummy candy. Starch is used as the main component and it prevents the candy from sticking to the molds and is crucial in holding the candies together during cooling and drying processes. It also absorbs moisture from the candy, which makes a gummy so soft and pliable.


There are several steps involved in the manufacture of soft gummies. The first step is to prepare the premix, which contains glucose, sugar, and pectin or gelatine. These ingredients are measured and added to a vessel that is vacuum-pumped. The next step is cooking, which involves pumping the mixture through a stainless-steel heat exchanger. The mixture will turn into a clear solution.

The gummy candy mass is mixed with functional elements, which are placed in a Mogul machine. The mass is then filled into molds. These molds are then placed in controlled rooms. Temperature and humidity are carefully monitored. In this way, each candy is created to the highest standards. A factory can develop a gummy candy recipe, which they will be proud to sell to their customers.


The Equipment used in manufacturing soft gummies comes in many different forms. One option involves the use of a continuous plant to produce various sizes of gummies. This kind of equipment has many advantages over manual gummy making as it saves time and space. Another advantage of this equipment is its ability to adjust the system program. It also prevents fluctuations in temperature and environmental factors. Here are a few different options for purchasing a gummy manufacturing equipment.

The most common machines for making gummies are those that create large batches of product at once. These machines blend the ingredients together, deposit them, and dry them all at once. Batch sizes can be anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Although the manufacturing process is similar to that of softgels, the drying space is often neglected. It is also difficult to control the temperature of the steamer, which can damage delicate molded shapes. This process can also produce inconsistent results in different batches.


While many consumers will not consider candy to be healthy, they still enjoy a sugary treat. In addition to the sugar content, consumers are increasingly interested in natural, healthy flavors. While imitation synthetic extracts may be tempting, they do not provide the clean candy consumer’s desired taste or premium flavor experience. Instead, natural gummy flavorings are healthier and offer real, rich flavors. Here are some reasons to use natural flavorings in your soft gummy creations.

A good soft chew should feel chewy, stretchy, or stringy in the mouth. The texture should be consistent throughout the chewing process. Over time, gummy candies can lose their flavor. This is because gelatin protein and starch bind with flavors and encapsulate them in the jelly center. Additionally, oils used to preserve soft chews are prone to rancidity and can harm the flavoring.


The drying process is mandatory for all types of gummy candies. Newly formed gummy candies contain 18% water, while the recommended level is less than 13%. The drying process extends the shelf life of these candies, but different types have different drying requirements. Pectin gummies require a low temperature and long drying times, while Carrageenan gummies require a higher temperature and a shorter drying time.

The cooking process begins with the formation of a slurry. The syrup is cooked by steam or electric heat, with the resulting slurry homogenized. Temperatures are controlled during this process, and pneumatic plugs are used at the bottom of the storage pot to prevent syrup leakage. The final step is the drying process, which ensures the desired moisture content in gummy candies.

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