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Renctly, the demand of the gummy candy marketing is increasing, many investors ready step into automatical production. some functional gummies has strict requirements on the machine. our gummy making machine can meet the hight standard of Amercian Pharmaceutical machines. reach real fully welding and fully washable.

QHBake machine not only the best machine support, also have the best after-service including the technology support,formula support,even on-line guide.

QHBake provide the Turnkey solution to help customer reach own business for trouble free in whole process since order

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Jelly/gummy candy making machine can reach to maximum 2 tons/hour and can also produce 4-color candy at the same time.

The starch-free process is more hygienic and less costly than alternative processes.
2&3D design and shapes are welcomed for different creativity
Its an ideal machine suited to the fast-growing gummy vitamin, supplement, and sports nutrition markets with higher accuracy and temperature control system.

Jellies and gummies(Pectin,Gelatin,agar/Carragenano) can be made economically and at high quality by QHbake starch-less depositing process.

Gumy forming step:

Cooking—>Depositing —>Cooling —> Demolding —>Drying —>Sugar sanding /oil coating —> Packing

Cooking process

Different type of jelly/gum cooking step and cooking machine will be different;

Such as gelatin most of the gelatin will be broken when the temperature higher than 80C,

So after melting and cooking the syrup it need to cool and then add gelatin inside the cooling tank.


For pectin cooking will be less steps the cooling tank will be not necessary.


If you want to know more about the different between pectin/gelatin/carrageenan you can go to out blog:what the gumbase our machine can use



Unlike heat pot the cooker usually is double jacket and with heating medium inside,by heating the medium to heat the cooker such as oil/water/steam.(What should i chose?)

For protect the workers’ safety we have three layer cooker the outside layer with insulation.


Inside will be a mixer with scraper,the teflon scraper will help scrap the syrup in case syrup remain on the cooker and burned the syrup.

And a homogenize can be added for help mixing the jell/gum/caking material well in melting.

Transfer pump & double jacket pipes


As for big capacity we suggest use a transfer pump and double jacket pipes to transfer the syrup and protect the syrup in warm&ready production temperature in case it get cool & blocked.

Duble jacket is a must use on all syrup/chocolate process.

@Qhbake has a temperature warm system to keep the full process in setting temperature and autocratically detected and thermoregulation.

There are different types of pump on the market such as lobe pump & gear pump.

Q3: What’s different between lobe pump & gear pump?

Buff tank or storage tank


Double jacket storage tank is used as a buff tank because the cooking is batch by batch but the forming machine is continues running so the storage tank is a necessary machine for automatic running system.

@qhbake can provide three layer cooker which the outside with thermal insulation in case the worker burn by the heated parts


@qhbake have continues cooking &weighting system for more fully automatic gummy candy production or bigger capacity, no worried about the setting and control between one by one, controlled by the simple system as follow for your reference.

Automatic weigh and cooking system.


There another better choice for syrup cooking to reach full automatic cooking technologies within a modular design to create a series of high-efficiency cooking systems for many types of sugar, low-sugar or sugar-free confectionery.

And this system can both apply for pectin/gelatin gummy making.

Dedicated and multi-purpose systems can be created in this way, offering outstanding cooking performance and low production costs.

The raw material will automatic quantitative weighing into the cooking system for boiling.

The all process controlled by PLC touch screen,Automatic weight sensing, automatic feeding wlll be more accurate and manpower / place save.

@qhbake sales will make a detail offer and plan base on customers process step and formula.

Superconductor turbo-film cooker

7d9ed8628956243b6c0627ca900eb2b This type of vacuum film sugar cooker and automatic temperature control function. The equipment is characterized by high output, fast cooking speed, precise cooking temperature control, and high vacuum.

  • Quick-reading cooking and high vacuum make the syrup with high quality and high transparency.
  • Suitable for making a variety of high-quality candy syrup boiling of sugar-free syrups
  • Atmospheric version used for low-boilings
  • Full automatic PLC computer control
  • Automatic sensor temperature control
  • Steam consumption: 300-1200kg/h

Color/ flavor/acid adding process

CFA system


CFA is abbreviation for Color& Flavor & Acid

In production cooking that the syrup is natural color and flavor so after the syrup are finished will adding the CFA inside to have better taste.

And with the CFA system not only can control the dosage but also can fast change the color without cleaning the cookers and pipes each time you change the color.

If you are making vitamin or other pharmacy adding this is also a suggestion system to adding and control the adding quality.

There are two types of CFA system by Dynamic and Static mixer usually the Static type with inline mixer together.

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Starch-less depositor


Forming is the step which dropped the syrup into the different shapes of molds called depositing.

Unlike manual dropping the gummy machine can setting the weight on the PLC program at more accurate and faster production by servo depositing and control.

Qhbake form the mechanical type to servo motor type spent nearly 30 years test and develop find out that mechanical is the most stable system but to make the mechanical more accuracy we spent more than 3 years finally at Year 2019,we find out a screw drive depositing with servo control its more accurate and faster and quite when it working and smarter control system with our OBD system,Simpler mechanical structure and lighter weight for longer use-life & maintenance.

Unlike the traditional servo motor drive by chain & gear the depositor is heavy and the drive stroke is more longer(far form the hopper) so it will cost the break or stretch of the drive stainless steel chains and cost the gummies product deviation after few years even month.


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Capacity with machine layout:


QH-40: 8000-12000pcs

QH-80: 12000-21600pcs

QH-150: 25000-43200pcs

QH-300: 36000-84000pcs/h

QH-600: 72000-216000pcs/h


Q4: How many types of molds can be used on machine?

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New Quick release structure molds to help customer more fast changeover the shapes and molds.

The molds are connected in the gummy machine line and it will automatic transfer in to the Cooling tunnel which the tunnel is like a freezer with chillers inside to cool the gummy candy molds together then the Automatic de-molding system will help the gummies de-molding and drop on the outlet conveyor belt and automatic transfer the finished gummies out.


Cooling tunnel

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@qhbake Automatic starchless gummy candy production line with cooling and automatic de-molding system which no need worker move the molds to the refrigerator and move out then de-molding.

Q5: How does the demolding system working? (https://youtu.be/8BJXhiXZ_ho)

The outlet conveyor @qhbake are using is a foodgade conveyer belt with millions of diamond grain on the surface so the gummies wont stick on the belt and hard to come out.


The chilling unit that @qhbake are using is form US copeland or Danfoss form Denmark and with R404A which is following the EU and UL standards and ofcause stainless steel is required by own QC too ,And 202A is no longer allow to use in most of the developed country because of the emission pollution, and few supplier will still use the 202A system form China local company but with R404 inside,which will cause the temperature difficult to reduce and cool the candies,and cause the condenser damage.

Drying gummies https://qhbake.com/product/trays/

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Drying is a necessary process for stander industry production,most of the beginner will easily omit the step but its a every important with the drying process the gummies will be a finished product.

The drying process will help reduce the moisture content inside the gummies to reach better chew taste and longer shelf life.

Automatic dry system:

This dry system suitable for both pectin/gelatin gummy dry.

After the jelly gummy candy de-mold from depositing machine can be transfer to automatic system directly for dry. The special structure after the 16-layer drying conveyor belt, the active water in the gummy candy evaporates to 13%, and then can directly enter the next step for oil coating/sugar coating or packing at this moment. This system more environmentally friendly and efficient.

@qhbake will help suggest the temperature and humidity base on customers gummies to achieve & build a better drying situations.

Q6: How to set up a drying room?

Gummy drying tray

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The candy trays is the most important device during the large gummy machine production.

Which will collect the finished gummies and will dry in the room room.no sticks and good ventilation with best quality.

Made of PE material, not easily damaged for long life use

Suit for all kinds candy and lollipop.

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If you want learn more click here.(https://qhbake.com/product/trays/)

Oil/sugar coating

Oil coating

b595597be8f7b6d20b7be2d6df66a0b It is used for coating the oil /syrup/wax out side of the gummy candy optimum coating to give quality appearance to products with shinning surface.

Sugar sanding


It is used for coating the sugar/salt outside of the candy to give more ruff or layer taste.

Both of this two machine is automatic transfer form one way to another.

Q7:when should we use the oil/sugar sanding before dry or after dry?

Gummy conveyor


The conveyor can transfer the demold gummies into the Oil/Sugar coating machine for oil or sugar coating.

It is can be reach full automatic process.


Q1: What should i chose for mine cookers by steam or electrical heating?

This is based on your existing equipment , if your already have steam-burning equipment or you want bigger capacity machine then we recommend the steam because it can reach the temperature more faster. Or if you just start then electric will be the simplest way to start

Q2: Does the mixer speed and high shearing speed can be adjust?

Usually not necessary with adjust speed for industry use,but if recipe needs then we can add speed frequency control on the pump.

Q3: What’s different between lobe pump&gear pump?

When transporting high viscosity liquids gare pump is more faster but more louder not wear-resistant and unreliable in operation.

Robe pumps are more effective basically no wearing parts during operation, easy to clean and less maintenance.

Q4: How many types of molds can be used on machine?

For the starchless machine we have metal molds with teflon coating,Hard silicone molds,and new type of PE molds.

Q5: How does the demolding system working?

There will be pins or soft parts of the molds the demolding system will be like a press plate to press the molds pins and candies will be dorp out,and brush or air knife will ensure all the gummies demolding too.

Q6: How to set up a drying room?

The drying condition and time is based on what type of gum you are using but the drying room is almost the same.

Customer need to build few insulation room each need less than 270ft² and inside with dehumidifier to control the humidity and temperature,and air recirculating .

Q7:when should we use the oil/sugar sanding before dry or after dry?

For the oil/wax coating the gummies are mattle and less smooth after it dry so a oil coater will help shinning and oil the gummies surface.

For the sugar/salt coating it can be do both before dry or after dry depend on how fine particle,but coating the surface before drying will help less stick on between gummies.

High Quality Machines

All machines made in the GMP standard factory. We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious. All machine use SUS304 and sandblasting surface coating handling.

Full Formula Support

We have cooperated with the authoritative scientific research institute. to custom, the special formula for you with your machine, ensure you make the best gummy with a good deal. 

Technology Support

12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers,which can offer your support anytime and anywhere. Can be video call online to guide you how the machine install and maintain.

Great Turnkey Service

We can provide you with the turnkey solution ,to help you solve all process from plan to install,and then shipping all equipment to your factory.Help you install and train workers.