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Comment les bonbons gélifiés vitaminés sont-ils fabriqués en usine ?

There are a few basic steps involved in manufacturing vitamin gummy candies. Ingredients are important, but you should also know the process involved in achieving precise dosing for each individual piece. Learn what ingredients are used to make vitamin gummies, including Gelatin, Sugar, Starch, Citric acid, and a number of other important components. Ultimately, these steps will help you find the best vitamin gummy candy for you.


The process of making vitamin gummy candy begins with the evaluation of incoming raw materials. The raw materials are then evaluated in the Quality Control lab to ensure their properties meet company standards. Various characteristics such as particle size, color, odor, and flavor are monitored. The manufacturers rely on these tests to ensure the quality of the product. The process of making vitamin gummies is similar across manufacturers.


How vitamin gummy candy is manufactured in a factory is an interesting process, but there are many steps involved. The production of vitamin gummies starts with the formulation of the gelatin. Then, flavorings and sweeteners are added. Various sugars are used in the formulation process, such as fructose and sucrose. Other ingredients such as corn syrup are used to prevent the crystallization of sugar and maintain the moisture content of the gummies.


Starch molding is an alternative to the traditional method of manufacturing gummy candy. This method allows for more flexibility and choice while producing products with varied textures and bites. Another benefit of starch molding is the ability to produce gummies with hard outer coatings. These coatings prevent gummy candies from being damaged during packaging. Both producers and consumers can benefit from starch molding. Here are some of the advantages.

Acide citrique

Citric acid is commonly used in the manufacture of gummy bears, and it is added to the mixture during the cooking process. It is added in the right quantity to achieve the correct pH balance, which causes the gummy to gel upon cooling. The final product is then packaged. Among the acidulants that are used in gummy candy manufacturing in the factory are citric acid and sodium citrate.


It is not uncommon to find a vitamin gummy candy manufactured in a factory. Many people wonder how it is made. In this article we will look at the process of making vitamin gummy candy. In the first step, vitamins are cooled to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and then put into molds or large tambours. The gummies are then flavored and dried to create the candy’s distinctive taste.


The process of making gummy vitamins begins with the creation of a slurry of nutrient-rich liquid. It’s then piped through heated pipes to a depositor. Once in the depositor, a precise amount of the mixture is poured into a mold. After cooling to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius), the mixture is transferred to a mold. It’s then allowed to set for 24 hours. Once set, the gummies are then released and placed on drying trays.

Contrôle de qualité

To ensure that the resulting vitamin gummy candy is safe for consumers, quality control begins with the evaluation of raw materials. Ingredients are tested in a QC lab for their sensory characteristics, including color, texture, flavor, and particle size. The QC lab also tests the liquids and oils for pH and viscosity. The results of these tests are used by manufacturers to ensure that the final product meets quality standards.