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¿Cómo se hace el osito de goma?

If you’re wondering how bear gummies are made, then you’re not alone. The process is a complex one that involves many different ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of the main components. Sugar, Gelatin, Glucose syrup, Starch, and Water are just a few. Let’s explore how each one works and how it affects the final product. Once you understand the process behind each ingredient, you can make them yourself.


The production of gummy bears involves many processes. A depositor fills the molds with the sugar-based liquid. A PLC controls the weight of each gummy bear. The molds are then transferred to a cooling tunnel for about six to ten minutes, after which they are placed into a drying chamber. The bears are left to cool for eight to twelve hours, while their moisture content is removed in a process known as gummy bear drying.

The production process involves the use of gelling agents, which are substances used to give gummy bears their firm and chewy texture. Gelatin, the oldest of these substances, is extracted from pork and is not suitable for vegetarians. Pectin and agar are plant-based alternatives. They can also be blended with carrageenan or gums. Throughout the production process, they must be carefully dried and kept in an upright position to ensure that the gummy bears stay soft and chewy.


A gummy bear is a sweet treat made of corn starch. It’s typically shaped by a depositor. Once filled, it’s moved into a cooling tunnel. This is where the bears will cool for 6 to 10 minutes. They are then transferred to a drying chamber and drained of excess moisture. The gummy bears are then packaged and shipped. Depending on the manufacturer, different methods are used. Several steps are involved, including the layout of equipment, the connection of the water inlet/outlet pipe, and adjusting the casting lifting and locating cylinders.

Once the ingredients are prepared, the process begins. The mixture is blended with sugar, water, and gelatin. It is then treated with food coloring and flavoring, which is typically a fruit juice concentrate or citric acid. After the blending, the liquid is cooked to form a slurry. The resulting gummy bears are then transported to the next segment of the production line. It is at this point that the bears undergo a quality check.

Jarabe de glucosa

What is glucose syrup? It’s a type of commercial sweetener made from corn or other starchy foods. The process of hydrolysis turns the sugar molecules into a sweet liquid. The syrup has a high glucose content and is used mostly as a thickener and sweetener. However, there is an alternative to glucose syrup. It’s produced naturally from sugar cane.

Glucose syrup comes in various grades. Depending on the hydrolysis method, different grades have different characteristics and uses. Syrups are generally classified based on their dextrose equivalent (DE). Higher DE means more reducing sugars. Different compositions may have the same DE, but different amounts of reducing sugars are used to create bear gummy products.


To make a bear shaped gummy candy, starch is mixed with the mixture of ingredients. This mixture contains glucose, a starch derivative, and salt, which are common sweeteners. Starch is an essential ingredient used to make candies soft and chewy. It is also used as a binder and binding agent for other materials, such as gelatin and sugar. In addition to its role as a binder, starch also aids in the cooling and drying processes.

While speed and efficiency are high priorities in the gummy bear manufacturing process, safety and efficiency are also high priorities. Explosions have been a hazard in starch dryers, prompting the US government to require explosion-proof switches and blast walls. Gummy bear manufacturers also have to come up with innovative flavors and colors. The following are some of the steps to make a bear gummy in a factory.


There are many reasons to flavor gummy bears. Many people enjoy eating gummy candies for fun. Whether you’re trying to make them as a gift for a friend or coworker, there’s a flavor to please your palate. Adding citric acid can make gummy bears last longer and taste better. You can also find bear gummies in flavors such as apple, cherry, lemon, and lime.

To make gummy bears, you’ll need gelatin. You can buy various flavors and colors of gelatin, depending on the flavor you want. To make them, you can add gelatin to the mixture, heat it on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, and let it cool for at least 10 minutes. Make sure to stir the candy periodically to keep the gelatin dissolved. This will prevent it from burning.

Ácido cítrico

The process of making gummy bears in the factory begins with a mixture of ingredients. This mixture generally consists of sugar, gelatin, water, and flavoring. In addition to these ingredients, the formulas may also include citric acid or fruit juice concentrate. After the ingredients are mixed together, the mixture is cooked, leaving the mixture with a slurry-like consistency.

The ingredients are first evaluated in a quality control (QC) lab. They are checked for color, odor, flavor, and particle size of solids and liquids. Then, the trays move through a mold-impression area, where the fluid composition is filled into the molds. The final step in the process is to ripen the product. The candy is then packed for sale.

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