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QHD-200 Automatic Chocolate Drops Production Line

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    Chocolate drop/chip depositing machine

    QHBake have ri.ch experience on the chocolate machine manufacture for long time, which can support clients all necessary technology to expand them business together in whole process for make the various kind of chocolate product, including the pure chocolate and cocoa butter chocolate, machine with advance technology make the chocolate liquid more delicate and smooth, ensure the delicious taste

    chocolate machine

    Now the chocolate drop / chip to be more popular in the market, apply to all kinds of food decoration like the ice cream , cookie and cake and so on. But the production process same as chocolate bar. Especially the front progress.

    Chocolate production line

    The application of chocolate in food

    chocolate machine

    chocolate machine

    The three types of chocolate that we usually know are also refined by adding different ingredients;

    1. Pure dark chocolate: Cocoa cubes + cocoa butter + granulated sugar
    2. Milk Chocolate: Cocoa cubes + cocoa butter + sugar + milk (milk powder)
    3. White Chocolate: Cocoa butter + sugar + milk (milk powder)

    chocolate machine

    chocolate machine


    Conveyor width400mm600mm800mm1000mm1200mm
    Depositing speed0-150-150-150-150-15
    Cooling temperature2-102-102-102-102-10
    Whole power10kw16.5kw20kw28.5kw35kw

    Sugar Grinding Machine

    Pretreatment of granulated sugar

    chocolate making machine

    Before mixing pure and dry crystalline sugar with other chocolate raw materials, it is generally crushed and ground into sugar powder, so as to better mix with other raw materials, improve the utilization efficiency of fine grinding equipment and extend the service life of equipment.

    Sugar mill generally has two types: one is hammer mill, the other is toothed disc mill.

    Melting Machine

    Preparation of cocoa cubes and cocoa butter

    chocolate machine

    Cocoa cubes and butter are solid materials at room temperature, so they must be melted before mixing with other ingredients. Melting can be carried out in the interlayer pot or heat preservation tank and other heating melting equipment, melting temperature does not exceed 60℃, after melting heat preservation time should be as short as possible, not too long. In order to speed up the melting, the bulk material should be cut into small pieces and then melted.

    Conching machine

    chocolate making machine

    Mixing, grinding and refining

    When producing chocolate, the various ingredients of chocolate are first mixed, such as cocoa liquid cubes, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder, etc. to form a uniform chocolate sauce. Produce the chocolate sauce is done through mixing machine, mixer device including mixing, kneading, quantitative and feed, and other functions, according to the formula by quantitative and after feeding smooth lipid material, cocoa butter become continuous phase dispersed among other materials, combine all ingredients evenly, and can provide favorable conditions for normal operation of the fine grinding machine.


    Using powdered sugar chocolate sauce in the ingredients can be directly after mixing the material sent to the roller refiner, if using sugar mixed with other chocolate raw material directly, you need to pass in the early or pre grinding, grinding and then to carry on the fine grinding, namely, the above two step grinding method when chocolate mixing, can reduce the dosage of cocoa butter 1.5 ~ 3%, low oil consumption, The main reason is that the surface area of crystallized sugar is smaller than that of powdered sugar. The finer the powdered sugar is, the larger its surface area is, and the more oil is continuously dispersed on its interface. So the two-step grinding can save oil.

    According to the requirements of the grinding process, the total fat content of the mixed chocolate sauce is required to be about 25%, so the amount of fat should be controlled during the mixing to make the chocolate sauce not too dry or too wet, so as to ensure the normal operation of the mixing cylinder during grinding.

    The mixed chocolate sauce is sent to the hopper of the primary mill by the spiral conveyor or directly into the primary mill through the conveyor belt. A primary or finishing mill has an automatic feed hopper and a device to prevent mechanical wear caused by air transport of the machine. The primary mill is a two-roller machine, and the fine mill is a five-roller machine, which can be combined in series for fine grinding, not only can reduce the amount of oil, but also the narrow paste particles after pre-grinding are more conducive to the grinding and refining of the five-roller grinder.

    After grinding the chocolate material, although the fineness has reached the requirements, but not enough lubrication, taste is not satisfactory, various materials have not fully combined into a unique flavor, there are still some uncomfortable taste, so it needs to be further refined.The result is quality changes in aroma texture and oral solubility of chocolate.

    Chocolate storage tank

    Chocolate liquid insulation

    chocolate chip

    After the fine grinding of chocolate sauce, before entering the next process, to maintain the fluid state has a heat preservation process. The purpose of heat preservation is to reserve sauce, adapt to continuous production, and create the necessary technological conditions for the next process of temperature regulation. Usually chocolate sauce to keep 40~45 degrees Celsius, heat preservation is carried out in the heat preservation cylinder, the heat preservation cylinder is double jacket cylinder, can pass into hot and cold water heat preservation or electric heating heat preservation. The lower end of the cylinder body is provided with a hot and cold water inlet, and the upper end is provided with a water overflow outlet. The center of the cylinder body is provided with a strip plate main stirrer, and two groups of cross strip plate auxiliary stirrer and the main stirrer form a vertical rotation of 90° direction.

    Chocolate Tempering Machine

    Chocolate production line

    Chocolate sauce in liquid state after refining, before into solid state, should be through the tempering process, because the cocoa butter of glyceride molecules can make oneself form polycrystalline model system, these can lead to the existence of different crystal type body chocolate affect its shrinkage during cooling and solidification, and the change of physical properties, such as surface roughness, hair flower white, lack luster. The polycrystal with low melting point in cocoa butter is very unstable, and the product type with low melting point tends to the crystal evolution with high melting point stability. This process is realized through temperature regulation process, so the change process of cocoa butter crystal in chocolate sauce is called temperature regulation.

    Chocolate chip/drop depositing line with cooling


    chocolate making machine

    Drop Depositing Speed: 0-15 times/min

    Single Chip Weight: 0.1g-3g

    Moving Speed: 1-5 meters per minutes

    Cooling Type: Air cooling

    Main Machine Material: SUS304 machine frame, material hopper, depositing head, machine cover and cooling tunnel covers. The covers used as insulation purpose have high-density foam in the middle of the SUS304 bended covers. SUS304 rollers, chains and chain wheels.

    For avoiding overflow, there are liquid level controllers installed on the material hopper;

    Food grade PU conveyor belt has photoelectric automatic correction (the compressed air for the pneumatic air cylinders for automatic correction should be prepared by clients).

    The stainless steel boards for supporting the PU belt are able to be pulled out for cleaning.

    The cooling tunnel covers are with opening lids.

    Chocolate making machine

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