QHBake Candy Machine


What are the best biscuit brands? A biscuit is one of the most wonderful snacks of the afternoon besides being among the most liked things, especially to eat. As we all know, biscuits are something that is usually munched along by the younger children, to the eldest of people.

软糖: Gummy candy: 软糖是一种柔软和微存弹性的糖果,有透明的和半透明的。软糖的含水量较高;一般为10%-20%。绝大多数软糖都制成水果味型的,也有一部分制成奶味和清凉味型的,其外形随成型工艺不同分为长方形或不规则形。 Gummy is a kind of soft and slightly elastic candy, transparent and translucent.The water…